16.12.21 08:47

Turkmenistan’s main New Year Tree lighting ceremony held in Ashgabat

Turkmenistan’s main New Year Tree lighting ceremony was held in Ashgabat, traditionally preceding the events marking the arrival of the New Year holiday. 

By tradition, the green beauty crowned with an eight-pointed star and 2022 digits was installed in the center of a fairy-tale town built in the square in front of the Alem (Universe) Cultural and Entertainment Center that annually hosts New Year celebrations. The country's main New Year Tree is 38.5 meters high and 16 meters wide. 

Ayaz Baba (Santa Claus) and his granddaughter Garpamyk (Snow Maiden), who arrived at the New Year Tree in a snow-white phaeton escorted by horsemen, took part in the tree lighting ceremony. The culmination of the ceremony came when the beautiful New Year Tree sparkled with myriads of bright lights, signaling the imminent advent of the magical, merry and beloved holiday. The ceremony was followed by a festive concert in which all children participating in the New Year show received gifts on behalf of the President of Turkmenistan. 

Following the ceremony in Ashgabat, all New Year Trees installed in the provinces and centers of cities and villages of the country sparkled with multi-colored lights.

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