27.07.21 08:43

Turkmen schoolchildren win bronze medals at International Mathematical Olympiad IMO-2021

Schoolchildren from Turkmenistan - Nagim Tanrygulyev, Mukhammetmurad Gochmuradov and Dzhennet Zamanova won bronze medals at the 62nd International Mathematical Olympiad IMO-2021 held in St. Petersburg in the online and in-person format. Members of the Turkmen national team Didar Gaypov and Emir Vellekov were awarded certificates of appreciation for good individual results. 

According to the head of the national team of schoolchildren of Turkmenistan, teacher of mathematics at the Ashgabat boarding school Arslan Khodzhiev, this is a very commendable result for the Turkmen team that faced very serious contestants in the Olympiad - multiple winners of the most prestigious mathematical Olympiads from different countries. The Chinese team followed by Russia won the most of awards.   

This year, over 600 schoolchildren from 107 countries took part in the International Mathematical Olympiad.


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