25.03.21 09:09

Cotton sowing campaign begins in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan has kicked off an important agricultural campaign - sowing of cotton. 620 thousand hectares of cropland have been allocated for cotton this year. Turkmenistan plans to harvest 1 million 250 thousand tons of cotton. 

Over 7,600 tractors of various brands, over 1,700 seeders, over 5,500 cotton cultivators and other farm equipment will be used in this year's campaign, making it possible to ensure uninterrupted sowing and carry out other agro-technical operations. 

Cotton growing is one of the leading sectors of the Turkmen agro-industrial complex. Cotton growing is particularly important for the country's economy in light of the pandemic and drop in prices for hydrocarbons at the international energy markets. Last year, Turkmenistan produced over 1.250 million tons of raw cotton.

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