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Speech delivered by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at a meeting with newly elected members of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan

Dear Members of Parliament!

Dear Members of the Cabinet of Ministers!

Dear Friends!

First of all, let me once again on behalf of the Government of Turkmenistan and myself to cordially congratulate the newly elected members and leaders of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan on the start of work of the Mejlis of new convocation! I wish you good health, prosperity and success in your work.

I also wish to express heartfelt gratitude to the deputies of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan of the fourth convocation for their fruitful work. The Mejlis of Turkmenistan of previous convocation worked hard and in good faith for the happy future of our people. They have made a great contribution to strengthening the national legislation and done a great, socially important job.

I want to note that over the past five years the Mejlis of Turkmenistan has held 23 meetings, which adopted a total of 466 documents, including 245 laws of Turkmenistan and 221 resolutions of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan.

Along with this, in the intervening period, much attention has been paid to aligning the national legislation with international legal norms and standards, and this has made positive impact on the successful integration of our country in the international legal space. Other than these documents, there have been adopted 32 resolutions of the Mejlis on Turkmenistan’s ratification of international treaties and conventions or accession to them.

The laws that you passed are of paramount importance in terms of their focus on achieving the most important goals - expansion of democratic principles in our society, protection of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, creation of new, real conditions for their implementation. The legal acts adopted by the Mejlis have enabled us to pursue an active foreign policy, develop the system of local government and local self-governance, shape and improve the legal framework for establishment of political parties and public associations, support businesses and solve many other pressing issues.

Guided by the tasks of reforming and improving the legal system of Turkmenistan, we have adopted the Codes, covering the most important areas of our society and state. These laws include the Criminal Procedure Code of Turkmenistan, the Criminal Executive, Air and Housing Codes, the Code of Administrative Offences, the Sanitary and Family Codes, the Code on Social Protection of the Population and the Forest Code.

The laws passed by the Mejlis created a solid legal basis for the successful implementation of socio-economic, political, spiritual and cultural development of Turkmenistan and enabled us to reach new frontiers of the comprehensive progress of our society.

Dear Members of Parliament!

Dear Members of the Cabinet of Ministers!

Dear Friends!

It is with deep satisfaction that we can see people with great skills and extensive experience elected to the national parliament. Most of the newly elected MPs are young MPs. The new composition of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan boasts highly educated representatives of various professions. The average age of newly elected MPs is about 45.

The number of women in the new parliament has increased. They represent 26.4 percent of the total number of MPs. I am pleased to note that there are representatives of other nationalities among the deputies of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan of the fifth convocation. Our beloved Motherland - independent neutral Turkmenistan – is a country where representatives of different nationalities work with enthusiasm and live as one big, friendly and happy family!

Dear Members of Parliament!

We must never forget that it is an individual who is of supreme value in our society and state. Protection of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen should remain, as before, the general line of law-making activity of the new deputies of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan. It is also important to create fundamental material safeguards to ensure socio-economic development and achieving new heights of progress, as well as implementation and expansion of basic rights and freedoms of an individual. We have to address these tasks in new laws and ensure creative approach in making such laws.

Our sovereign Fatherland is among the rapidly developing nations of the world. This success has been achieved as a result of the economic strategy based on the accurate calculation, efficient use of available human and natural resources and development of the national economy through diversification. The economic growth of our country has been confirmed by the high macroeconomic indicators that have been fully recognized by the competent international organizations. According to the forecasts of these international institutions, Turkmenistan’s economy is expected to continue to boost in the future.

We have adopted comprehensive programmes to develop our country in the coming decades and transform Turkmenistan from the agrarian to industrial country. One of the primary tasks is to establish and develop new industries, ensuring an innovative way of growth, as well as industries that provide international standards services, implement large-scale projects of national and global importance involving domestic and foreign investments.

In this regard, the deputies of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan of the new convocation should work on improving the existing and adopting new laws, providing for innovative way of economic development, stimulating activities of industries in transition to the market economy, providing the opportunity to use all the available capacity in this area.

Increasing the share of private sector in the economy requires further improvement of laws governing the ownership and property relations. In addition, it is important to analyze conformity of the national legislation with modern requirements in such important areas as private entrepreneurship, stimulation of investment activities, privatization, ensuring the effective functioning of the financial market, development of insurance services, improvement of exchange activities. In the time of transition to the market economy, the national legislation should support increasing the volume of competitive products and services in the domestic market, promote the initiative of our citizens and their entrepreneurial skills.

It is important to continue improving the legislation regulating science and education. Turkmenistan's integration into the international economic relations and industrialization of the country challenge us to ensure that all segments of the economy are staffed with highly qualified specialists. In this regard, the Law of Turkmenistan “On Education” adopted by the Mejlis is of great importance, as this law enables people to receive education in accordance with their abilities.

In a short time, we need to develop legal documents related to organization of paid training of highly qualified specialists both at the expense of employers such as public enterprises and commercial structures and citizens wishing to pay for their education.

In this regard, members of parliament should develop regulations that will allow us to continue the reforms in education, primarily in the field of higher education.

Continuing the law-making activities in the humanitarian field, it is important to pay special attention not only to the legal regulation of educational activities but also to scientific work, scientific and technical policy of the state, provision of Internet services, introduction and improvement of the electronic document management, development and introduction of modern innovative projects. Besides, we need to develop and adopt legislative acts to incentivize productive activities of scientific and practical nature.

Dear Members of Parliament!

Healthcare of the nation is one of the most important vectors of public policy.

MPs need to continue making laws regulating the activities of the health care system, including issues related to quality and safety of food and drinking water, provision of health services, abandoning bad habits and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Guided by modern requirements and international legal standards, it is important to pay continuous attention to the legal regulation of various areas of work to ensure social protection of the population of our country. You should also pay special attention to creation of favorable conditions for productive work, education, recreation and movement of people with disabilities.

In the near future, it is necessary to develop and legally consolidate the procedure of land allocation for construction of private houses. We should use new methods in residential construction for the full satisfaction of needs of our people in houses. In particular, we should fully use the capacity of private entrepreneurs who can build houses on request, using private finances of citizens.

It is also necessary to review issues related to preparation of legal acts defining the procedure of allocation of land plots for construction of important industrial and social facilities at the expense of private entrepreneurs.

Our country has consistently pursued an “open doors” policy. We have established fruitful long-term cooperation with foreign firms and companies. The Mejlis of Turkmenistan should work on legislative acts in support of continuation of mutually beneficial high level partnership. Drawing on the international experience, the parliamentarians should improve regulations guiding the legal framework of contractual relations and holding international tenders.

We have carried out large-scale reforms in the agricultural sector that enabled us to ensure abundance of food in the country.

We are currently implementing effective measures for accelerated development of agriculture, efficient management of land and water resources, timely and high-quality implementation of all agricultural activities, development of public and private enterprises for production of food products. The ongoing work in this direction is carried out in view of the need for proper use of the enormous potential of the agro-industrial complex.

Guided by these goals, the deputies of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan of new convocation should continue development of laws that would allow the effective application of legal mechanisms to improve work of agricultural enterprises on the basis of prudent use of land and water resources, selection and breeding of livestock, management of grazing land, veterinary business. Besides, I believe it would be expedient if you improve the Codes of Turkmenistan on land and water.

Dear Members of Parliament!

Dear Members of the Cabinet of Ministers!

Dear Friends!

Our environment is our national heritage. The Turkmen state works systematically to promote ecological culture and appropriate legal awareness, environmental protection, efficient use of natural resources of our sacred land.

The deputies of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan of the fifth convocation and the Government of our country face the challenge of development and improvement of legal acts on protection of nature and the state commission for environmental monitoring and reuse of waste.

Along with this, one of the most important tasks is development and adoption of new legal documents related to the free use by the population of our country of water, natural gas and electricity.

Dear Friends!

Our goals provide for the further improvement of work of public authorities and administrative bodies, local executive authorities, local representative and self-governance bodies. In this connection, we need to improve the efficiency of work of these structures to ensure implementation of the decisions and resolutions of the Government and the Mejlis of Turkmenistan.

The socio-economic development of regions, meeting daily needs of the population depend largely on the effectiveness of these bodies.

Guided by these tasks, it is important to continue strengthening the legislative bases of work of provincial, district and municipal People's Council and Gengeshes. Furthermore, we should carry out work for the full and most efficient use of powers by these bodies, integrated development of regions under their supervision, proper care of social and living conditions of the population and employment of people.

Dear Members of Parliament!

Our country is doing a great job in terms of reviving and preserving our cultural heritage and centuries-old cultural values ​​of the people. The dominant part of the spiritual heritage created by the courageous Turkmen people constitutes the values that form the treasury of human civilization. Based on the spiritual and cultural heritage, the Turkmen state is taking productive steps to develop culture and promote the great works of literature and art not only in our country but around the world.

Dear Members of Parliament!

It is important to continue the valuable work in this direction. Along with the adoption of new legislation, we, first of all, need to pay special attention to strengthening the material-technical base of the cultural sphere.

Taking into account the existing and new opportunities, it is important to analyze the existing legal acts in this area and, based on the results of this analysis, make necessary changes and additions to the relevant laws.

MPs should look into effectiveness of cultural centers, clubs and libraries in their constituencies across the county and submit proposals for comprehensive financial support for these institutions.

In the broadest sense, the newly elected deputies of the Mejlis should take active part in the further development of the sphere of culture, as one of the priorities of the state policy aimed at transforming and improving the whole spiritual and cultural life of the Turkmen society.

I believe that the deputies of the Mejlis will continue work on improving the Family Code of Turkmenistan. As you know, the family is the most important unit of society. The family carefully preserves and passes from generation to generation our ancestral national spiritual values, the best traditions, customs and family rituals. In this regard, we attach great importance to family values, serving as the basis of high ideological and moral qualities of our youth. In short, it is the family that brings up children in the spirit of national pride, in the spirit of high reverence and respect of other peoples, as well as achievements of our state and society.

The Turkmen state implements necessary measures to further improve the material well-being and spiritual development of each family, creates conditions for bringing up genuine citizens of our country. In this context, state efforts need legal support in this direction.

Dear Members of Parliament!

It is important to continue working on draft laws of Turkmenistan “On Court Officers” and “On Investigation and Search Operations." These laws will help create an effective legal mechanism for implementation of resolutions and decisions related to investigation and administration of justice.

In addition, you need to continue work on improving the Law of Turkmenistan “On Public Associations” and bring it into conformity with the requirements of today. This law should more clearly define the provisions associated with guaranteeing the rights of our citizens to create public associations, which are of great importance for the functioning of civil society.

The deputies of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan of new convocation should make more significant contribution to addressing issues related to the achievement of major goals of our country in the field of foreign policy. Continuation and expansion of friendly relations with the countries and peoples of the world, major international organizations and, first of all, close cooperation with the United Nations is one of the key areas of the foreign policy of Turkmenistan. Guided by the Charter of the UN, international conventions, bilateral and multilateral agreements and treaties, our country is firmly committed to its international obligations. Turkmenistan is expanding its relations with states from different continents, the well-known international and regional organizations. Our cooperation in this area is enriched by a qualitatively new content.

Dear Members of Parliament!

Taking advantage of the solid basis created by the deputies of the previous convocation, you need to work more effectively for establishment and development of inter-parliamentary relations. Independent neutral Turkmenistan pursues foreign policy aimed at strengthening peace and achieving high goals of development and cooperation. I am convinced that you will take active part in the work that contributes to mutual understanding with the states and peoples of the world, making it even more important.

Dear Members of Parliament!

Along with the work on improvement of the legislation, adoption of new laws, there is another urgent task, which is to exercise more control over strict implementation of laws, because, unfortunately, the requirements, regulations and provisions of certain legal instruments are not implemented in full.

In this connection, I want to draw your attention to the importance of the most effective use of the powers of the Mejlis to exercise control over the implementation of laws based on the Constitution of Turkmenistan.

Based on this, I expect you, dear members of parliament, to come up with proposals for amendments and additions to the relevant laws.

Along with this, the committees of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan should strengthen analytical work. Based on this analysis, together with ministries, line agencies, local authorities and public associations, guided by the ideals of the modern era, it is necessary to develop practical methods of control over the implementation of laws and legal acts. In accordance with the principles of the rule of law and civil society, we need to ensure a comprehensive and effective control over strict and full compliance with the law.

This approach will allow us to achieve even higher pace of development of independent Turkmenistan, ensure a flourishing, prosperous and happy life of the people and continue to successfully implement the rights and freedoms of man and citizen.

Dear Members of Parliament!

Dear Members of the Cabinet of Ministers!

Dear Friends!

Time is rapidly changing our lives. The appearance of Turkmen towns and villages is changing every day, and we are also changing. In this context, the laws guiding our society should not fall behind the times. On the contrary, they should run ahead of time to ensure accelerated development of the national economy and culture, and proper resolution of social issues.

I believe that it would be appropriate if members of the national parliament of new convocation deeply analyze the articles of the Basic Law - the Constitution of Turkmenistan.

As is well known, we adopted a political course in 2007 aimed at carrying out comprehensive reforms in our country. In particular, in accordance with the tasks of transformation of life of the state and society, there arose the need in adopting a new approach to improving the entire legal and judicial system.

This policy sets the task of improving the legislation, including constitutional laws, bring the legal acts in line with the totally new requirements and realities of time, international legal norms and standards.

Proceeding from this, we, guided primarily by the strategic objectives of development of society and state in the new millennium, should pay special attention to improvement of the provisions of the Constitution. When we adopt a new version of the Constitution, it is important to develop and approve the objectives of legal reforms to be undertaken on this basis at the modern stage of social development.

Dear Members of Parliament!

Dear Friends!

I am sure that the deputies of the Mejlis of new convocation will work selflessly and with inspiration to fulfill the most important tasks facing our society and state, and achieve good results in their work.

Upon successful implementation of our tasks, we will approach the new, higher stages of development, having carried out great deeds, and ensure a prosperous and happy life for our people!

Dear Members of Parliament!

Dear Members of the Cabinet of Ministers!

Dear Friends!

I wish fruitful work to the Mejlis of Turkmenistan. And we, in turn, will create all conditions and opportunities for your effective work.

As the President of Turkmenistan, I assure you that I will provide full support to ensuring teamwork of the Mejlis and the Government of Turkmenistan.

Dear Members of Parliament!

Selflessly serving our Fatherland, let us strengthen the authority of the Turkmen state and the people! I am confident that you will make a significant contribution to legislative support of the programmes being implemented in the country in the era of power and happiness. Serving our people is our main goal!

I wish you good health, family happiness, great success in work for prosperity of our sovereign Fatherland, peaceful, prosperous and happy life of the Turkmen people!

Let our dear Fatherland - Turkmenistan move forward!

Ashgabat, 7 January 2014 


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