20.07.11 11:54

«Arch of Europe Award» – 2011

According to the Turkmen State News Agency (TDH), international community’s interest in contemporary Turkmenistan is growing. The agency has drawn such conclusion from the fact that Turkmenistan.ru website was given the European Quality Award. On 1 July the TDH disseminated the following message: 

“On 27 June, the 37th annual meeting of the international company Business Initiative Direction (B.I.D) in Frankfurt (Germany) held a ceremony of conferring awards the quality recognition International Arch of Europe Award (IAE). Among 65 companies nominated from around the world, the recognized leaders in line areas, the Turkmenistan.ru online newspaper was awrded the prize in the category “Gold”. 

Business Initiative Direction is a recognized independent European organization with headquarters in Madrid (Spain), a leader in communications, which conducts ongoing monitoring of economic, social and communication projects and assigning quality as the main criterion for the success. The selection committee of B.I.D selects nominees for International Arch of Europe Award (IAE) on the basis of voting among the previously awarded companies, and based on the research of B.I.D international experts in business and communications. 

The decision to award the Turkmenistan.ru online newspaper was made on the basis of the following factors: stability of the dynamics of the site for a long period of time (more than 10 years); steady growth of the rate of quoting; acquiring a permanent international rating of downloading; high degree of reliability indicating the quality of placed information in the global information space. 

For a big audience all over the world, Turkmenistan.ru online newspaper has become a source of daily operational and reliable information on all major events in the life of Turkmenistan. For more than 10 years since the opening of this newspaper in a global network, the site has been viewed by visitors from 161 countries almost nine million times. The greatest number of visits is made from the United States, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and Turkmenistan. 

The modern technical infrastructure of the site allows the unlimited number of visits. And only once in the history of the online newspaper the equipment failed. It happened on 16 February 2007, when the site published the first interview by the newly elected President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. The interest of the global Internet audience in the personality of the new President was so great that the support servers could not handle such a massive influx of visitors. The failure, fortunately, was then quickly removed, and the online newspaper has since been proud of the fact of winning, at that memorable day, the priority of exclusive information cited by thousands of global media. 

The popularity of the online newspaper covering the life of Turkmenistan is determined by the number and geography of visits, well as frequency of citation. So, the reward awarded to Turkmenistan.ru by reputable experts in the field of communications, testified the steady growth of interest of the international community in Turkmenistan and its national leader Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the recognition of the openness of the country, its credibility as a reliable international partner worthy of global recognition.”

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