19.10.10 10:17

To See with Heart

Artists of the Ashgabat boarding school for blind and visually impaired children were privileged to open the first International Festival "White Cane - Tolerance, Equality, Integration," which was held in Moscow on the International Day of Solidarity with Blind People on 15 October. The 10th form pupils Maral Goshaeva, Farhat Haitbaev, Guncha Dzhummieva and Nowruz Mirzakulyev sang the song "Dear Motherland" that touched the hearts of the audience, who rewarded the Turkmen artists with applause.

Young talents from Ashgabat performed this song right after the festival was officially opened by Diane Gurtskaya, honored artist of Russia, head of the Foundation for Assistance to Blind and Visually Impaired Children named "On Call of Heart". It was she who was the chief organizer of this unique action "White cane" that is expected to become a tradition in Russia.

"Together with volunteers of my Foundation "On Call of Heart" we often visit many specialized boarding schools, where we can see the unique talents of children and teachers, - said Diana Gurtskaya. - These people overcame all the hardships of life and found the strength to go forward, to find their artistic vocation. Our festival is designed to let people know about the fine line between the ability to see the world and the gift to see it."

Other than the guys from Turkmenistan, children with disabilities from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Armenia demonstrated their talents from the stage of the center of opera singing of Galina Vishnevskaya.

The First Lady of the Russian Federation, Svetlana Medvedeva, was the honorary guest of the concert. Welcoming the First Lady of Russia on behalf of all participants and organizers of the first International Festival "White Cane", Turkmenistan's participant Farhat Haitabev presented a bouquet of flowers to Svetlana Medvedeva.

According to Edzhegyz Gelenova, teacher of the Ashgabat boarding school, who accompanied Turkmen children, one of the goals pursued by the Turkmen delegation was to inform the foreign audience about achievements of national art, and to convey to it the fairy-tale beauty of the sunny land. "The epoch of New Revival of Turkmenistan offered us the opportunity to disclose talents of our citizens, including toddlers. Turkmenistan pays particular attention to caring of children, so we were proud to tell our foreign colleagues about the attention that the state pays to our boarding school," she said.

For Turkmen artists themselves a trip to Moscow was the first trip abroad. Unfortunately, the guys could not see the beautiful Russian capital in the true sense of the word. Their vision is not more than thirty percent. However, according to Edzhegyz Gelenova, young singers got many emotions after the trip to the Moscow metro that they begged their teacher to see, as well as a walk through the Red Square.

Faces of children were bright and shining as they were given a unique opportunity to make their first trip abroad, to meet and find common language with their peers from other countries, touch the hearts of hundreds of spectators at the concert with sincere and inspiring singing. The happy smiles of children reminded the guests of the festival of the immortal words of the classic that the most important thing cannot be seen with eyes - it can be seen only with one's heart.

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