Comment of the day
20.12.06 15:26

Wages, pensions, allowances and stipends - guarantied expenditures

Central mass media outlets published the law \"On the state budget of Turkmenistan for 2007\" which was signed by the President of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Niyazov. >>>

09.11.06 04:15

Speculations of skeptics cleared by ... gas field

The programme of development of Turkmenistan\'s oil and gas complex that was submitted to the members of the People\'s Council for discussion as well as a number of following meetings of the Turkmen leadership with foreign dignitaries has stirred up inter >>>

28.06.06 15:10

What does Turkmenistan have to do with it...?

The recent aggravation of the situation as regards prospects of further supplies of natural gas to Ukraine highlighted a problem that Turkmen natural gas producers have regularly come across lately >>>

05.01.06 20:49

From \"apple of discord\" to ring-buoy...

Speaking figuratively, Turkmen gas has evolved from the \"apple of discord\" between Russia and Ukraine in their \"energy\" dispute to a peculiar ring-buoy virtually in few days of the first month of 2006 >>>

28.10.05 13:31

It is better to see once…

Having visited Turkmenistan, Vladimir Zhirinovskiy, deputy chairman of the Russian State Duma, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, admitted that his opinion of this country and its president was rather inadequate >>>

17.08.05 10:49

Taxi-driver and President

Giving me a lift to the hotel, a young guy working as a taxi-driver in Ashgabat, speaking fluent Russian and unsuspicious that he was talking to the journalist, opened his heart to me: >>>

16.05.05 21:26

Back to Earth

Whatever was said or written about the last (in terms of time) CIS summit held behind closed doors in Moscow, it is clear that the heads of CIS countries are coming back to earth in their vision of the future of this organization... >>>

06.03.05 22:27

Who do we bury, gentlemen?

Discussions about prospects of the CIS, arising in mass-media in the run up to practically every new summit of the Commonwealth, have flared up with a renewed force after the change of ruling elites in some states that are officially members of this organ >>>

03.02.05 10:02


Canadian Buried Hill Energy’s interest in taking part in development of Serdar field in the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea caused absolutely inadequate reaction on the other western coast of the Sea... >>>

11.12.04 11:32


Turkmenistan marks Day of Neutrality as a second significant national holiday after Independence Day... >>>