27.09.17 11:05

Kickboxing competition wraps up at Asian Games in Ashgabat

The worldwide popularity of kickboxing is currently growing so high that this spectacular and emotional sport can now challenge the popularity of classical boxing. Kickboxing is especially popular in the Asian countries, and therefore it was not surprising that a lot of high-class kick-boxers turned up for the Asian Games in Ashgabat. >>>

27.09.17 10:34

Futsal tournament comes to end at V Asian Games in Ashgabat

Seventeen men's and seven women's national teams took part in the Asian Games’ Futsal tournament, or min-football, as it is often called. The Futsal tournament in Ashgabat was the longest of all other sports at the Games. For ten days, crowds of football fans enjoyed the genuine passions, referee's whistles and storms of applauses for sharp shots and successful goalkeeper saves at the Multifunctional Sports Venue. >>>

27.09.17 10:03

Best billiardists decided at Asian Games -2017

Representatives of more than two dozen countries took part in various disciplines of the Billiard competition at the Billiard Sports Arena. Ten medal events were contested by men and three medal events were contested by >>>

27.09.17 09:30

Dance Sport concludes at Asian Games in Ashgabat

The Dance Sport competition was held at the Taekwondo Dance Sport Arena for two days. Dance couples representing two dozen countries contested 11 medal events. They competed in Standard and Latin American dances. >>>

26.09.17 11:12

Asian Games - 2017 weightlifting competition comes to end

Weightlifters have wrapped up their competition at the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat. The strongest weightlifters from more than 15 countries competed at the Weightlifting Arena in Ashgabat. >>>

26.09.17 10:16

Best swimmers decided at V Asian Games

The swimming competition wrapped up at the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Ashgabat. >>>

26.09.17 09:12

Over 500 reporters from 82 countries cover Asian Games - 2017

550 reporters from 82 countries came to Ashgabat to cover the events of the Asian Games - 2017. Interestingly, while only countries from Asia, Australia and Oceania participate in the Games, the mass media representatives came not only from these countries but also from Europe, America and Africa. >>>

25.09.17 10:10

Basketball tournament winds up at Ashgabat’s Asian Games

16 men's and 12 women's teams divided into two groups competed in street basketball at the Basketball Arena in Ashgabat. Eight teams qualified for the knock-out stage of the tournament. >>>

24.09.17 11:17

Equestrian Jumping winners decided at V Asian Games in Ashgabat

Equestrian Jumping is a new sport in the program of the Asian Games - 2017. This sport was included in the program of the Games at the hosts’ initiative, since the centuries old Turkmen culture is noted for special caring for horses. The Equestrian Jumping competition is the only outdoor sport of the Games that was held in the open arena of the Equestrian Sports Complex in the outskirts of Ashgabat. >>>

24.09.17 10:32

Track cycling competition concludes at Asian Games -2017 in Ashgabat

Track cycling is perhaps the most difficult technical discipline in the sports program of the Asian Games - 2017. That is why, not every participating country was able to ensure participation of their representatives in the track cycling competitions. The Central Asia largest and modern Velodrome saw representatives of twelve countries competing in separate disciplines for six days. >>>