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About us

The main goal of this daily is to eliminate the gap in the Russian information field as of covering events in Turkmenistan and around it. Our main slogan – an unbiased and timely presentation of information. Professional correspondents in Turkmenistan, financial non-dependence from official structures both in Ashkhabad and in Russia, cooperation with competent Moscow reporters allow us being impartial while evaluating the situation and processes, taking place in Turkmenistan. We are doing the best for the situation in Turkmenistan and its international contacts were reflected in online daily earlier than in any other edition, ether it is news agency or online edition. We are providing our readers with competent comments regarding the political, economic and public life of Turkmenistan. We publish on our site necessary photos and video. Reading TURKMENISTAN.RU Turkmen citizens receive necessary information about publications in the Russian and other CIS mass media. Official structures of Turkmenistan got an opportunity to respond on what they say “perverted” information about the state highlighted in the Russian press. Opinion of ordinary citizens of Turkmenistan about the events and developments in the state are presented as well. We present the activity of Turkmen diaspora representatives in Russia and other states worldwide. This online daily is open for cooperation with all interested organizations and structures. Proposals on establishing mutually beneficial ties can be sent to:info@turkmenistan.ru In case you want to buy photos, which are presented on the site, you can write to: photo@turkmenistan.ru We also would like to inform our readers that we also plan to issue the daily on Turkmen language. Rights for all materials published on TURKMENISTAN.RU belong to Media-service-TM. However, there are some exceptions for re-using the information from the site: these are the ones re-printed from other sources. Re-using of TURKMENISTAN.RU information products is possible without preliminary accord, however, it is required that one credit TURKMENISTAN.RU.

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