13.12.01 23:45

Turkmenistan grants complete clinic to Afghanistan

A Health Center was officially inaugurated in the district of Garamgol of Faryab province of Afghanistan. It was built by Turkmenistan as a gift to the Afghan people. The ceremony was attended by members of the official delegations of Turkmenistan, Adviser to the President of Afghanistan for Religious Affairs Mohammad Mowla Dzhora, Deputy Minister of Health of Afghanistan Nadir Hayat, Governor of Faryab province Abdul Haq Shafak, Head of the department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif Abdul Majid Kargar, as well as elderly Afghan Turkmens.

The opening of the Health Center and equipping it with necessary medical equipment and inventory will allow the population of Garamgol district of Faryab province and adjacent areas to have access to proper medical care.

Turkmenistan is also constructing a modern school for 400 pupil places as a donation in the village of Hazar-Tokai of Shordepe district of Balkh province of Afghanistan.

As is known, in the 80th of the XIX century, as a result of the establishment of the Russian-English border, hundreds of thousands of Turkmens were left in Afghanistan. Even bigger Turkmen diaspora moved to Afghanistan after 1917. Therefore, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan maintain fraternal relations, Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper reported today.

At present, nearly three million Turkmens reside in the territory of Afghanistan. There is also a cultural society of Afghan Turkmen name after Makhtumkuli Fragi which has a status of the department of the Humanitarian Association of World Turkmens in Afghanistan.

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