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Joint Turkmen-Russian Statement

In the course of talks, which were held in the spirit of mutual understanding and accord, the heads of state exchanged views on the prospects of Turkmen-Russian relations and international issues of current importance, as well as regional and international problems of mutual interest.

The presidents noted the strategic nature of relations between the two countries and emphasized that these relations steadily develop in a wide range of areas. In this context, the heads of two states stressed the importance of the comprehensive dialogue, which has been established and is being maintained at the top level and the government level. In the course of the in-depth talks, the sides noted that they share common positions on many issues of current importance.

The heads of state agreed that the Turkmen-Russian relations in different areas of economic and humanitarian cooperation got a powerful boost and were taken to a qualitatively new level. Business organizations of the fuel-energy sectors of the two countries maintain the high level of partnership. These business organizations carry out and project the construction of important facilities of the pipeline infrastructure. In this regard, particular attention was paid to issues related to the implementation of the project for construction of the Caspian gas pipeline, the commissioning of which will make it possible to sizably increase the amount of natural gas supplies from Turkmenistan to the Russian Federation.

The crucial role of transport both in relations between the two countries and at the regional level was emphasized. The sides agreed to further increase the air traffic as well as to boost the sea and railway traffic. In this context, the sides noted the importance of direct international railway-ferry communication via the Russian ports of the Astrakhan traffic center and Makhachkala and the sea port of Turkmenbashi. The heads of state noted the urgency and the need to construct a new railway, Kazakhstan - Turkmenistan - Iran, as an important route in the North-South transport corridor. The sides also discussed prospects for developing the motor services and the need to improve the existing international legal basis for cooperation in this sphere.

The heads of state noted the significant growth in trade between the two countries and the role of the Turkmen-Russian commission for economic cooperation as an efficient mechanism of cooperation. The commission will continue looking for new ways of cooperation with the view of strengthening the mutually beneficial partnership. Carrying out of forums by chambers of commerce of the two countries has proved to be an efficient practice of cooperation. These events have significantly contributed to expanding the existing and establishing new contacts between business structures of the two countries.

The presidents expressed satisfaction with the level of relations between the two countries in the sphere of education, science and culture where traditional partnership between the higher educational establishments, scientific centers and cultural organizations of the two countries has been developing steadily. The sides noted the need for efficient implementation of bilateral agreements signed during the current visit in this sphere. These agreements provide for a good basis to train skilled staff in the hither educational establishments of the Russian Federation for the leading sectors of Turkmenistan\'s economy, including for the fuel-energy complex, agricultural sector, construction, transport and communication spheres. The sides agreed on the way of organizing cooperation, including setting up branches of the Russian higher educational establishments in Turkmenistan.

The two presidents agreed to hold days of Russian culture in Turkmenistan and days of Turkmen culture in the Russian Federation in the period of 2009-2010.

The heads of two states paid particular attention to the development of relations between Turkmenistan and the regions of the Russian Federation exemplified by Turkmenistan\'s relations with St Petersburg, the Republic of Tatarstan, Astrakhan region. This direction has the great potential for developing comprehensive cooperation and raising its efficiency via direct contacts between the interested parties.

Focusing on pressing problems of international relations, the maintaining of peace and stability, fight against terrorism, drugs and other threats to security, the sides noted the importance of maintaining a high level of cooperation on these issues in the future. The opening of the UN Regional Center for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia in Ashgabat has become a practical result of mutual understanding on pressing issues of international relations. The presidents expressed confidence that this unique UN structure will serve the purpose of providing peace and security in the region.

The sides discussed in detail issues relating to the Caspian topic. They noted the significance of the final declaration of the second Caspian summit signed in Tehran on October 16, 2007, as well as the agreements reached at the summit aimed at the soonest and comprehensive settlement of the Caspian Sea legal status and development of all-embracing cooperation between the Caspian littoral states. In this relation, they expressed firm determination to consistently carry out the decisions taken and thus, create prerequisites for the convocation of the third summit of the presidents of the Caspian littoral states.

The presidents expressed confidence that traditionally friendly relations between the two countries meet their mutual interests, and noted that they would spare no efforts to continue the constructive development of these relations.

The President of the Russian Federation, D.A.Medvedev, expressed sincere gratitude to the President of Turkmenistan, G.M.Berdimuhamedov, for the warm reception and hospitality and invited the president of Turkmenistan to visit the Russian Federation. The invitation was accepted with gratitude.

The dates and format of the visit will be agreed via diplomatic channels.

President of Turkmenistan

President of the Russian Federation

4 July 2008

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