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The presentation of a new collection of poems by Makhtumkuli Fraghi dedicated to the 275th birthday of the prominent classic of the Turkmen literature has taken place in Moscow. The Embassy of Turkmenistan in the Russian Federation initiated the publication of the book in the Russian language.

The ceremony dated to the Day of Revival, Unity and Poetry of Makhtumkuli annually celebrated in Turkmenistan was held in the Grand Hall of the Central House of Writers. It was organized with the assistance of the Writers Union of Russia, the Writers' Club of Central House of Writers, the International Community of Writers' Unions (ICWU) and the Moscow Society of Turkmen Culture. Scientists, workers of culture and art, men of letters and translators from Russia and Turkmenistan, representatives of public at large, business circles, mass media and Turkmen diaspora in Russia, and Turkmen students in Moscow attended the event.

Khalnazar Agakhanov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkmenistan to the Russian Federation, made a welcoming statement. He noted that by the strength of his poetic genius Makhtumkuli had foreseen the happy future of the Turkmen people. The times that the great poet dreamt of centuries ago have come. Independent and prosperous Turkmenistan is evidence of it.

The jubilee edition issued in the circulation of 3000 copies was prepared to publication by the Moscow Society of Turkmen Culture together with the editorial board of the Turkmenistan Magazine with the active support of TNK-BP Company. According to the company's vice-president Vladimir Ruga, the shortage of such books is felt in the society, and the assistance in the publication of the new collection of poems by Makhtumkuli is an attempt to make the company's contribution to the cause of strengthening friendship between Turkmenistan and Russia, mutual penetration of two nations.

The foreword by the outstanding men of literature Sergey Mikhalkov, Chinghiz Aitmatov, and Berdi Kerbabaev opens the collection. "Every nation has its own genius of literature, who, through his creation, expresses the sole of the people. Pushkin stands for the Russian people, Shevchenko - for the Ukrainians, and great Makhtumlkuli Fraghi - for the Turkmens. He devoted all his talent to reflect common people's aspiration to the happiness and justice in his poetry", says Sergey Mikhalkov. "Therefore, he is close to people of any country and any historical epoch, and therefore his poems are so important for present day readers".

\"It is the feat of the Turkmen people that Makhtumkuli's poetry has reached contemporary times. Makhtumkuli was kept in the hearts of Turkmens. His poems were recited by wandering bakhshi (folk singers) and dervishes, on long and short journeys, in bazaars and caravanserais, in yurts and by shepherds. The poems were read during the wars and times of execution. The birth of a baby was welcomed and human death was mourned with poems by Makhtumkuli. Makhtumkuli's poems turned to the eternal anthem of loving hearts". This statement is by Chinghiz Aitmatov.

The book, in the design of which the national Turkmen carpet pattern was used, contains about 300 poems by Makhtumkuli brilliantly translated by A.Tarkovskiy, G.Shengeli, Yu.Gordienko, A.Krongauz and other translators. It has four thematic sections: "The Book of Cognition", "The Book of Love", "The Book of Motherland" and "The Book of Peace". For the readers' convenience, the texts are accompanied by the explanatory vocabulary of names and ethnographic terms. The article by literary critic B.Amanov narrating about the life of Makhtumkuli, the fate and importance of his philosophic and literary heritage that has reached the present days closes the book.

The book presentation turned to the meeting of intellectuals with every speaker being able to share his personal feelings after reading Makhtumkuli's poems, recite favorite lines and present his own creative works devoted to Fraghi and inspired by his poetry. "Address to Makhtumkuli" by the head of the Moscow Society of Turkmen Culture, poet Orazgylych Orazmamedov, in which the author\'s poems are combined with Makhtumkuli's lines and the story of the difficult life of Fraghi, was one of the bright speeches.

Statements by numerous guests - poets, translators and scientists - were complemented by the bright music performances. On behalf of the Kazakh people, poetess Tursunai Orazbaeva sang songs based on poems by Makhtumkuli in the Kazakh language. Besides, the works by Makhtumkuli, which do not lose their power and depth in translations into other languages, were read in Georgian, Armenian and Ukrainian. The speakers drew analogies between the creative works by Makhtumkuli and poetry by A.Pushkin, Sh.Rustaveli, Sayat-Nova, T.Shevchenko, Shakespeare, Dante and other creators who glorified their nations with wonderful poems.

Honored Artist of Turkmenistan, musician of Ashgabat ensemble Gasan Mamedov played melodies devoted to Makhtumkuli. The family duet consisting of composer and performer Sergey Tayushev and his son performed a song about the Karakum desert played on the violin. Academician Oleg Ponomarev of the Petrovski Academy of Sciences and Arts sang a heartfelt song on the poem "Difficult to Understand" by Makhtumkuli, which sounds topical and important even today.

In the conclusion of the event, People's Artist of Turkmenistan, famous director, author of the movie "Fraghi - Separated from Happiness" Hodjakuli Narliev addressed the participants of the meeting. "The creative works by Fraghi have yet to be studied. His heritage should become accessible to all nations, so that Makhtumkuli's "diamond" starts to glitter brighter", he said. "I consider publishing of the new collection of poems and this ceremony as one of the important steps toward this goal".

The recitation of poems and discussions were continued during the banquet accompanied by the national melodies. During the dinner every guest could try the traditional dishes of the Turkmen cuisine.

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