17.08.07 16:34


Honorable Mr. Chairman,
Honorable heads of states and delegations,

First of all, let me thank the organizers of the summit of the Shanghai Organization of Cooperation and personally President Kurmanbek Salievich Bakiev of Kyrgyz Republic for the invitation to take part in this meeting of the heads of states – members of SOC. I want to express appreciation for the warm welcome and hospitality shown to us on the brotherly land of Kyrgyzstan.

Turkmenistan is an active participant of international relations and stands for equal and constructive cooperation with all states and international organizations that contribute to the peace, security, stability and sustainable economic and social development.

The political course of our country is based on the national interests of the people of Turkmenistan, as well as principles and norms fixed in the Charter of United Nations Organization.

It is from this position and with consideration of Turkmenistan’s neutral status that we respect the goals and objectives underlying the establishment of SOC.

The urgent issues of regional and international importance are being discussed in the frames of this summit. In our opinion, it demonstrates the big potential accumulated and realized by the Shanghai Organization of Cooperation.

In this context, I want to note that interaction at the regional and inter-regional levels is and efficient factor of maintaining stability and security, creating favorable conditions for broadening the partnership among states in trade and economy, transport and communications, culture and the humanitarian sphere.

In this respect, it is on time and important that the headquarters of the Regional Preventive Diplomacy Center is opened in Ashgabat.

Availing myself of the opportunity, I would like to thank all heads of states and delegations attending this summit for the support for Turkmenistan’s initiative to establish this Center in Ashgabat.

One of the aspects of the Center’s activities is an interaction with international bodies including SOC. It will become another opportunity to increase effectiveness of cooperation between all interested parties on specific aspects of joint activities.

In conclusion, I want to express my gratitude once again and wish the high forum every success.

Thank you for your attention.

August 16, 2007

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