11.08.07 11:43


Drastic transformations taking place in Turkmenistan and reforms initiated by Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in political, economic and social life of the Turkmen society arouse genuine interest of the whole world community. A new action of the head of state aimed at further strengthening of originally inherent principles of humanism and mercy, philanthropy and justice in Turkmen people found a positive response.

Information on pardoning of 11 imprisoned people released from prisons in accordance with the decree signed by the President of Turkmenistan was placed almost in all news reports of the leading information agencies such as BBC, ITAR-TASS, Reuters.

Citing the document signed by the Turkmen leader, the international reporters focused their attention on the fact that the decision on pardoning of persons that had violated the law and sentenced to imprisonment for 5 to 22 years was made taking into account numerous appeals of citizens to the State Commission on relating to activities of law enforcing agencies at the President of Turkmenistan.

“The decision to establish this commission was made on February 19, a few days after coming to the office. The Commission headed by the President and working on the permanent basis was established for the purpose of further development of democratic foundations in the state and public life of Turkmenistan, ensuring protection of rights and freedoms of individuals proclaimed in the Constitution of the country, and improvement of the order of consideration of appeals of citizens regarding the activities of law enforcing agencies”, Interfax News Agency reports.

The journalists noticed the fact that Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, during the Cabinet meeting, at which he signed the Decree, proposed to diverge from the practice of annual pardoning made on the eve of the holy Night of Decree, or Gadyr Gijesi, a holiday marked by Moslems, and do it stage-by stage during the whole year.

Many agencies paid special attention to the fact that by signing the Decree the head of state ordered the law enforcing agencies to implement the decree without delay, on the same day. “The new Turkmen leader stressed the importance of rendering necessary help and support to the pardoned people, particularly in finding a job and further social adaptation”, the reports say.

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