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On the invitation of President of the People\'s Republic of China Hu Jintao, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov paid an official visit to the People\'s Republic of China on July 17-18, 2007. During the visit President of the People\'s Republic of China Hu Jintao and President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held negotiations.

In the atmosphere of frank and friendly discussion, the heads of two countries exchanged views on the issues of bilateral relations and on some international and regional problems of mutual interest and achieved full understanding.

1. The sides underscored that in fifteen years since the establishment of diplomatic relations the Turkmen-Chinese relations have been dynamically developing that enabled the countries to achieve the highest results in the comprehensive cooperation. The high level of trust in politics, mutually beneficial economic cooperation, mutual cultural enrichment, mutual support in international affairs bring real benefits to the peoples of the two countries. The both sides are satisfied with it. Everything achieved is the valuable gain of the peoples of two countries that the sides undertake to safeguard and multiply.

The sides highly appreciate the important contribution that the first President of Turkmenistan S.A. Niyazov made to the development of Turkmen-Chinese relations of friendship and cooperation.

2. The Chinese side stresses that further strengthening and development of the relations of friendship and cooperation with Turkmenistan is an important integral part of the foreign policy of China. The Turkmen side emphasizes that comprehensive development of the relations of friendship and cooperation with China is one of the priority directions of the foreign policy of Turkmenistan.
The sides stress the importance of observing principles fixed in the Communiqu on establishment of diplomatic relations and other political documents signed in 15 years of the existing diplomatic relations, will continue to preserve and develop contacts at the different levels including mutual visits at the highest level, thoroughly implement all signed bilateral documents, steadily realize achieved agreements, continuously expand and deepen exchanges and cooperation in the political, trade and economic, energy, security and humanitarian spheres, raise the Turkmen-Chinese relations of friendship and cooperation to the higher level.

3. The Turkmen side confirms that it will strictly adhere to the one-China policy, recognizes the Government of the People\'s Republic of China as a single legal government representing the whole China and Taiwan as the integral part of the territory of China. The Turkmen side stands against any attempts of creating \"two Chinas\" or \"one China and one Taiwan\", against \"independence of Taiwan\" in any form, including \"de-jure independence\", against Taiwan\'s participation in any international or regional organizations that only sovereign states can be members to. Turkmenistan shall maintain no official contacts with Taiwan. The Turkmen side supports all efforts of the Chinese Government aimed at unification of the country, considers the Taiwan issue an internal affair of China that external forces should not interfere in. The Chinese side highly appreciates the Turkmen side\'s principled position.
The Chinese side confirms respect and support for Turkmenistan\'s way of development chosen on the basis of the domestic situation, supports efforts undertaken by Turkmenistan aimed at safeguarding state independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as strengthening of the social stability, economic development and national accord. The Chinese side supports Turkmenistan\'s policy of permanent neutrality and considers that it plays a constructive role in development and maintenance of stability in the region.

4. The sides underscore that they will continue providing firm support to each other in the principled issues regarding the fundamental interests of parties. They will not allow a third state or other forces to use their own territories for activities that may be to the detriment to the other side.

5. The sides highly assess the positive results of the Turkmen-Chinese trade and economic cooperation achieved in the recent years and are full of determination to take effective measures to fully realize mutually complementing advantages in trade, technology, finances, resources and other spheres, facilitate realization of the existing economic cooperation projects in such important areas as energy, transport, telecommunications, chemical, construction, textile and food industries, increase the quality and level of the bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

The sides will facilitate elaboration of effective mechanism of the activities of the intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation from the pragmatic positions so that to realize to full extent its role as an incentive of the bilateral economic cooperation. The sides in accordance with the legislations of their countries shall provide their physical and legal entities, other economic subjects on the territory of their states with favorable conditions and provide protection for safe trade and economic activities.

6. The sides note the great importance of the General Agreement between the Government of Turkmenistan and the Government of the People\'s Republic of China on realization of the Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline project and export of natural gas from Turkmenistan to the People\'s Republic of China\" signed in April 3, 2006. Proceeding from the strategy of development of the long-term mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries, the sides will speed up the process of negotiations on the cooperation in energy, in order to finish the construction of the pipeline as soon as possible and to lead the bilateral practical cooperation in the trade and economic, energy and other spheres to the path of comprehensively deepened development.

7. The sides note the great importance of the Agreement between Turkmenistan and the People\'s Republic of China on fighting terrorism, separatism and extremism signed on April 3, 2006. The sides confirm that they will strictly comply with this agreement, further intensify the coordination and cooperation between law enforcing agencies of the two countries, decisively fight \"three evils\" including the forces of \"Eastern Turkestan\", jointly safeguard peace, security and stability of two countries and the Central Asian region.

8. The sides believe that the humanitarian cooperation is an important integral part of the Turkmen-Chinese bilateral relations, a bridge of friendship connecting the hearts of peoples of two countries. The sides are full of determination to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in culture, educations, sport and tourism, to promote expanding friendly contacts between local and public organizations, support holding of joint days of culture and arts, exchange of delegations between youth organizations.

9. The sides believe that the countries of Central Asia have unique historical and cultural traditions, and the world community must respect the independent choice of their own way of development by the people of each of the Central Asian states on the basis of national peculiarities. The stability and security of the countries of Central Asia, their sustainable economic development and ongoing social progress meet the common aspirations and fundamental interests of peoples of every regional country, are of importance in maintaining peace and stability in Asia and in the whole world. The sides together with other countries of Central Asia, using available mechanism of regional cooperation, will put efforts to turn this region into the region of peace and accord in the political context, into the region of mutually beneficial cooperation in the economic context, into the region of interaction and joint development in the cultural context, and into the region of mutual trust and accord in the context of security.

10. The sides stress that the United Nations is the most universal, imposing and influential international organization playing the important role in safeguarding peace in the world, promoting universal development and international cooperation. The sides support the necessity to implement optimal reforms in the UN able to raise its influence and efficiency, reinforce the ability of this organization to confront any dangers and challenges, and especially increase its contribution to the universal development. In implementing this reform it is necessary to hold democratic consultations and look for consensus. The sides intend to hold frequent consultations on the UN reform and other issues of common interest.

11. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov invited President Hu Jintao to pay an state visit to Turkmenistan. President Hu Jintao thanked him for the invitation and expressed the intention to visit Turkmenistan on the time convenient for both parties.

President of Turkmenistan
Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov

President of the People\'s Republic of China
Hu Jintao

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