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The first passengers from Turkmenistan were welcomed by vice-minister of transportation and communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan Azat Bekturov and managers of the joint-stock company \"International airport of Almaty\". The delegation of Turkmenistan was led by deputy head of the national service Turkmenhowayollary (Turkmen airlines) Tahir Chariyev.

The idea of resuming the air communication between the two countries which was suspended more than 10 years ago was put forward by Turkmenistan. A request and substantiation documents for the resumption of flights were submitted in accordance with the requirements of the agreement between Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan on the air communication. The Civil aviation committee of the Ministry of transportation and communications, having considered the documents and a suggested flight schedule, issued an authorization for one flight per week on Boeing 737-800 air planes. The decision was made on May 17 at a meeting in Almaty in which the management of the joint-stock company \"International airport of Almaty\" and the state enterprise \"Kazaeronavigatsiya\" jointly with representatives of Turkmenhowayollary air company agreed on measures to fulfill joint plans.

Turkmenhowayollary air company is one of Turkmenistan largest operators carrying out mostly international flights. The geography of flights is quite wide: Dubai, Bangkok, Delhi, Beijing, Istanbul, Frankfurt, London and, from now on, Almaty.

With the direct flight the route via Moscow is no longer relevant now. Passengers cut short the flight time to 2 hours 45 minutes.

\"The resumption of the flight between Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan will serve as an incentive for development of business, personal and friendly relations,\" vice-minister of transportation and communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan Azat Bekturov said.

According to him, the aviation services of both countries develop dynamically and the goal of Kazakhstan is to develop airports, air companies and international relations, especially with such close and reliable partners as Turkmenistan. \"The resumption of the flight is a logical event. We have a traffic flow on both sides,\" the vice-minister said.

In turn, the deputy head of the national service Turkmenhowayollary, Tahir Chariyev, said the number of flights is expected to rise with the growth in demand for air transportation services. \"We have good connections for this flight. It is possible to fly further to Bangkok, Delhi, Abu Dhabi and Istanbul via Ashgabat,\" he said.

The representative of Turkmenhowayollary expressed hope that the opening of the air communication will be appreciated by passengers who may be the Turkmen diaspora in Kazakhstan, the Kazakh diaspora in Turkmenistan, specialists from various branches of economies, students and tourists.

www.alaport.com (official website of the International airport of Almaty)

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