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The sudden death of the President of Turkmenistan has stirred a wave of provocative reports in the world mass media the majority of which are either downright lie or the products of perverted conclusions by leisure \"experts\" many of whom have rather vague idea about present day life of the Turkmen people. Many of information sources seem to be backed by certain circles interested in destabilization of the situation in Turkmenistan and loosening of existing stability - one of the main achievements of Turkmen independence. Unlike its regional neighbors, thanks to the efforts of its leader and support of the nation, Turkmenistan has managed to escape inter-ethnic conflicts, economic and social upheavals in 15 years. Turkmenistan has been firm and consistent in building its own model of democracy guided by the neutral status and national way of living. One has to be predisposed and kind towards Turkmen traditions, the mentality of people, to know its historical path and roots in order to understand the existing model.

Analyzing the sources of information, the situation may seem paradoxical: less than 10% of authors cite Turkmenistan\'s official sources. The rest 90% are either anonymous sources or web sites created by self-styled \"leaders of opposition\" financed from western funds. These funds have been traditionally sponsoring \"color revolutions\" in the former Soviet republics with a view to upsetting the balance and reshaping economic relations to their benefit to please geopolitical interests of their masters. Their main goal is to position former Soviet republics against Russia, thus weakening Russia\'s political weight.

There is no point to enumerate well-known social benefits regarded as customary by the local population. Symbolic fares for consumption of electricity, communal, transport and medical services, foodstuffs and living essentials are self-evident and kind of regular things for citizens of Turkmenistan. Many authors ignore these achievements. However, when news columns are filled with fiction based on lie or put-up job, only a lazy person would not exaggerate facts. There emerged a whole galaxy of \"Turkmen problem pundits\" who specialize on self-advertisement using \"exciting themes\". Interestingly, such clearly positive projects as construction of diagnostic centers, theaters, ice stadium and children\'s park of national fairy tales or zoo are being sneered at or not covered at all. The wide spread poverty is presented as axiom, yet there are no beggars on streets. Markets and shops are full of customers, and sometimes people have to stand in a queue to some popular restaurants. It is not argued that in the nominal, numerical terms income of an average Turkmen citizen would significantly differ from income of a Western European citizen. However, in real terms, if one compares real incomes with real expenses, the basket of goods would not differ that much.

The time has proved the Turkmen leader\'s foresight and wisdom. He did not let western \"advisers\" push himself around. He had enough tact and diplomatic talent to foresee many processes within CIS and avoid Turkmenistan\'s membership in unnecessary blocks and alliances. He had oriental long-patience to not comment on quite offensive and unfair attacks and to prove the accuracy of his undertakings in practice.

Naturally, all crucial moments in life of any country do not go without mistakes. The formation of a real state can not go fast and cloudless. However, Turkmenistan managed to overcome calmly and with dignity the hard time of changes. Today that the country lost its leader it has \"suddenly\" came to light that a stable and politically predictable Turkmenistan, which gained the reputation of reliable and trustworthy business partner, sometimes in the prejudice of its own interests, sits on the world fourth-largest hydrocarbon reserves and that European energy balance can not do without Turkmenistan. Unfortunately, many of those who made reports on Turkmenistan from abroad or during a short visit to the country, wasted their energy on petty cavils or carping, missing the main point in superficial surrounding or self-complacent irony.

The wave of mercantile reports gave birth to gossips and falsifications. Dozens of observers of different caliber indulged in deliberations on future changes in Turkmenistan and started working out scenarios of its further development. At the same time, the starting points of debates were misplaced; arguments were based on the false facts that made all consequent sentences look just absurd. It is simply impossible to treat original Turkmenistan on the basis of non-existent theoretical tracing of \"European democracy\".

One of the main achievements of the late president was the establishment of a well-regulated and streamlined mechanism of the Turkmen statehood. Thanks to his efforts Turkmenistan did not fall into chaos in these difficult days, and it maintains stability. Someone from the camp of foreign \"patriots\" would like to shatter this situation, provoke distemper and unrest and inflame civil war to earn political dividends. However, the time of unrest would cause only losses and disaster for the Turkmen people. Whose interests would the break of a well-regulated state mechanism serve? Why should we turn it inside out, presenting the existing form of government as illegal?

The time will put everything right. The country will prepare and hold elections observing the rules. Yet, already now that the election campaign has not even started, there are some who argue that \"... the West will not recognize elections!\" Is this right when the fate of the entire nation is decided? Why don\'t we let Turkmens solve their problems themselves according to their desires, hopes and traditions without interfering into internal affairs of Turkmenistan?

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