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The Ashgabat mass media outlets published a congratulatory message by the governor of St Petersburg on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of independence in which Valentina Matvienko not only wished Saparmurat Niyazov and all citizens of Turkmenistan further successes in building a prosperous state but also, in fact, proposed a programme of development of bilateral cooperation for the future. We want to draw your attention to the "business" part of this letter.

"Specialists from St Petersburg, acting in line with the cooperation agreement signed with Turkmenistan, have held numerous consultations and talks with their Turkmen colleagues and, at present, are ready to take part in implementing your strategic plans and projects.

One of St Petersburg's oldest plants, closed joint-stock company Vodokanalstroy, is ready to design and build a new water treatment plant and a pipeline with the capacity of 250 thousand m3 a day from the Karakum river in accordance with specifications.

At the Turkmen side's first request, closed joint-stock company Vodokanalstroy would also submit a proposal on the construction of an aluminium sulphate (coagulant) plant to meet the needs of Turkmenistan and for exports.

Open joint-stock company Sevkabel Holding offers to supply cable production to satisfy all needs of the energy sector of Turkmenistan.

Era Kros Group of Companies, which was established on the basis of the industry's leading enterprise SevZapMontazhAvtomatica and specialized in the development of automatic control systems, participates in the tender announced by Turkmenneft state concern for construction of a gaslift compressor station at the Keymir field. Era Kros Group of Companies also participates in the tender by Turkmengas concern for reconstruction of an aggregate-station of automatic machinery at the Nayyp compressor station.

The Central Scientific-Research Institute of Technology and Shipbuilding is going to design and construct 6 catcher boats for Turkmenistan Caspian See fleet.

Having known the utmost significance of the oil and gas sector for Turkmenistan\'s fast growing economy, the government of St Petersburg has invited for partnership with your country the unique Northern Machine Construction (Sevmash) Production Association, located in Severodvinsk and specialized in world-wide construction of offshore platforms for oil and gas extraction and equipment for onshore oil and gas fields, as well as in the production of equipment for the oil and gas sector.

Zvezda open joint-stock company has drawn up, specifically for the needs of Turkmen border guard service, projects of sea boats for patrolling and coast guarding purposes - the vessels unique so far in the world shipbuilding practice. The company is also planning, with your consent, to hold talks with Turkmenistan\'s power-wielding agencies on terms of their construction and supply. The same company, jointly with Sevmash, is ready to design and construct a special base for border guards on the Caspian.

Tekhnostroy open joint-stock company, with its past experience in reconstructing and upgrading Pulkovo-1 and Pulkovo-2 airports, is ready, with your approval, to start the construction of airports in Dashoguz and Turkmenabat and equip them.

Realizing the importance of providing water resources to the citizens of Turkmenistan in hot climate conditions, specialists of Hydraulic Mechanization Plant open joint-stock company conducted audit of dredges in the Karakum river and made everything ready for the soonest supply of over 50 new units of these highly productive hydro machinery with a capacity of almost 4000 m3 per hour.

Pending your approval, Hydraulic Mechanization Plant open joint-stock company is ready to undertake the supply, assembly, installation and putting into operation of dredges; training of crews and warranty and after-sales services for equipment supplied. Knowing Turkmenistan's needs in production of Vyborg Paper open joint-stock company, the Ashgabat-borne director-general, Anatoliy Kimovich Karagolov, plans to supply it to your country.

Nevmashservice, well-known to Turkmen gas and oil workers as Nevskiy plant, offers its latest know-how for Turkmenistan's economy.

Bridge builders of St Petersburg have studied the proposals of Turkmen side for construction of the artificial facilities, including bridges and tunnels, within the framework of the ring-road construction project and assured that they would manage all technical and engineering peculiarities of construction.

The famous Kirovskiy plant together with its subsidiary, Petersburg Tractor plant, is interested in supplies of special haulage machinery, type K-701, K-702, K-703, and would like to offer over 20 various models that can be adjusted to 100 types of attached and towing implements.

St Petersburg constructors, including LenSpetsSMU closed joint-stock company, IPS concern, Novaya Era open joint-stock company, are planning to become actively involved in building new areas of your capital, industrial complexes and offer to apply St Petersburg's traditions and innovations in Ashgabat.

Tekhnoros company is ready to sign a contract with Turkmenistan seaport of Turkmenbashi for reconstruction of 5 port cranes, class Albatros and Gans.

Equipment and machinery should be delivered strictly in specified time to execute contracts on a timely basis. For this, we included Transport Logistics SPb closed joint-stock company and Eurosiblogistics closed joint-stock company in our delegation.

Igristiye Vina closed joint-stock company is preserving and enriching best traditions of the Leningrad Champaign plant offering its products on the orders of Turkmenistan's ministries and establishments.

Consortium of St Petersburg Enterprises was instructed to unite efforts of St Petersburg's largest producers in setting up an information business center of St Petersburg in Turkmenistan, in the recently-built Paytagt building in the Moscow avenue.

I particularly thank you, Saparmurat Atayevich, for you support to the energy machine-building concern Power Machines, whose main subsidiaries are located on the Neva River, in reconstruction and modernization of the Mary power station, and I hope this cooperation can be extended to other energy projects in Turkmenistan.

Life itself suggests the need for mutual enrichment and interest in each other.

In your beloved city on the Neva River, there live and study some 3,000 Turkmen citizens and ethnic Turkmens. In May 2006, a memorial stone in commemoration of 2759 Turkmen soldiers, who died in the battles for Leningrad, was opened in Piskarev cemetery. In November, a museum of famous graduates will be inaugurated in the St Petersburg Polytechnic University. It will have an exposition on the President of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Ataiyevich Niyazov, a graduate of the Leningrad Polytechnic University named after M.I.Kalinin.

The Association of Turkmen Culture Mekan (chaired by Nurgeldi Rejepovich Seyidov) and St Petersburg's branch of the Humanitarian Association of World Turkmens are successfully functioning in St Petersburg," says the message of Valentina Matvienko.

(as published in the Turkmen mass media)

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