18.10.06 17:26

Turkmen president attends inaugurations of three facilities dated to 15th anniversary of Turkmenistan

As the Ashgabat correspondent of Turkmenistan.ru reports referring to the State news agency (TDH), all three facilities have been built by the famous French company Bouygues Batiman. Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov accompanied by Bouygues CEO Martin Bouygues examined the facilities starting with a marble and granite processing plant erected in Ovadandepe settlement in Ruhabat district near Ashgabat.

The Ministry of construction and construction materials industry of Turkmenistan acted as a customer. The Euro 26,700 mln project was financed at the expense of the state foreign currency reserve as well as the contractor (35% of the total cost). The contractor, Bouygues Batiman, will recoup the invested capital in the form of profit from the sale of ready products.

The plant's annual capacity is 205000 square meters of marble and granite. The versatile processing facility will also produce decoration materials made of limestone, railing segments and various pavement tiles. The raw marble and granite would initially come from Italy. Limestone is available in Turkmenbashi and Gowurdak. Turkmen geologists are preparing a feasibility study of development of existing marble and granite mines. They are also actively prospecting new mines to feed the plant with domestic raw materials.

Three workshops, equipped with Italian machinery, cover a total area of 8000 square meters. Granite and marble blocks will be processed and turned into a good tiling material that will be supplied to numerous construction cites of Ashgabat and the country's regions.

President Saparmurat Niyazov stressed that the plant's production should meet not only world quality standards but also high esthetical norms which are a distinctive feature of all constructions in Turkmenistan.

Then, the president proceeded to the next facility, cultural-entertaining complex "Cable way", which has no match in Central Asian region.

The cable way leads to one of the mountains of Kopetdag range. It starts in the picturesque park, occupying 6,5 thousand square meters, with parking space nearby. From the departure station to the upper terminal, the cable way rises to a height of 650 meters. 15 cabs that have been strung to the cable network resting on the giant pylons will shuttle back and forth. Each cab can carry 8 passengers. Two of the cabs are designed for cargo transportation and one is for technical services. One way trip takes about ten minutes.

By symbolically pressing the button on the console, Saparmurat Niazov set in motion the mechanism of cable way which is 3,5 km long. After that, the head of Turkmenistan and his French guest sat in the cab and took off the ground.

From the bird\'s-eye view one can see a panorama of mountain ranges and the white marble Turkmen capital with its outskirts covered by green plants. The cultural-entertainment complex was built at a height of 1293 meters above the sea level without any damage to environment. Five powerful telescopes are installed for panoramic view of Ashgabat. A "mountain" high class restaurant for 100 people and a cafe for 84 guests will be functioning there. There have also been built a viewing space and a helipad on the adjacent territory, as well as covered terraces and stairs and alleys. There is also an 80 m high artificial waterfall.

Leading world companies supplied equipment for the cable way. If electricity supply cuts off, an automatic diesel engine will turn on. When there are strong winds and bad weather on the upper station, an automatic blocking mechanism will snap into action. The staff of the complex includes rescue service.

The project was financed at the expense of the state foreign currency fund. The second phase of the cable car system would begin soon.

On the same day, Saparmurat Niyazov and Martin Bouygues took part in the inauguration of the House of Free Creativity that accommodated the country's largest mass media and the National Print Service.

The original US $ 17 million high-rise building has harmonically fallen into the architectural ensemble of the central part of Ashgabat which has been formed recently with immediate participation of Bouygues Batiman company. It reminds us a giant open book by its shape.

With a covered area of 6300 square meters, the building provides ample space for 200 journalists and support staff. The conference hall at the lower floor can accommodate 200 persons. The cafeteria can seat 100 persons. Library, archive, technical and administrative offices are also located there. The building was equipped with latest life-support systems, fire safety and communication system and other necessary equipment. Two decorative fountains and parking space were built on the landscaped territory adjoining the building.

The journalists are provided with comfortable rooms. There are special meeting rooms on each floor. Issuing staff was also provided with large rooms. All editorials are equipped with latest computers and office furniture.

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