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With the aim of developing and strengthening bilateral relations, as well as further improving fraternal ties between Turkmenistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran, the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr Mahmud Ahmadinezhad, paid an official visit to Turkmenistan on 2-3 Mordad 1385 lunar year, which corresponds to 24-25 Gorkut (July) 2006, on an official invitation of the Turkmen president, Mr Saparmurat Niyazov.

In the course of talks held in the atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding the heads of the two states declared their readiness to further develop and strengthen relations between Turkmenistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran in political, economic, trade, cultural, scientific, technical and other spheres based on the spirit of good neighborly relations, historical and cultural similarity of the peoples of two states, as well as respect to equality, justice, independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and non-interference in internal affairs of each other and on the basis of the universal norms of international law.

Having supported the efforts being undertaken for the development of bilateral relations, the sides stressed the importance of cooperation in trade, economic, energy and other spheres. They expressed the aspiration to strengthen their cooperation based on the principles of mutual benefit and total respect for the interests of each other. They also spoke in favor of the maximum use of their countries\' potential and stressed the importance of increasing trade turnover between Turkmenistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Speaking about the topical international and regional issues, the presidents stressed the shared desire of Turkmenistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran to strengthen peace and stability, as well as establish the climate of trust and understanding on the regional and international levels and noted the importance of resolving international problems only by peaceful diplomatic means and methods.

Turkmenistan supports the active and positive role of the Islamic Republic of Iran and priorities of its foreign policy in solving international issues aiming at ensuring peace, stability and tranquility.

The Islamic Republic of Iran confirms its support for the neutral status of Turkmenistan and assesses positively its foreign policy priorities in strengthening tranquility, stability and peace.

The presidents of Turkmenistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran attach special importance to strengthening the leading role of the UN in resolving global issues of international security and sustainable development. They also stress the importance of maintaining the principle of not using, or threatening to use, force in international relations and refraining from one-sided actions in solving international problems. Turkmenistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran believe that proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, transnational crime and drug trafficking are the principal threats to peace and stability in the world and confirmed the readiness to develop cooperation in countering these challenges.

The sides will not allow their territories to be used against each other.

The heads of states paid a special attention to the Caspian Sea issues and stressed that the Caspian Sea should be a sea of peace, friendship and good neighborhood. In this context, the sides stressed that drawing up and signing a convention on the legal status of the Caspian Sea is an important task for all the Caspian littoral states. The agreements on determining the legal status of the Caspian Sea should be made on the basis of mutual consent of the Caspian littoral countries. The sides noted that only the littoral states will resolve all issues regarding the Caspian Sea. Turkmenistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran believe that the soonest determination of the legal status of the Caspian Sea will make it possible to create favorable conditions for effective and rational development of its hydrocarbon and biological resources, as well as to protect and preserve the unique ecological system of the Caspian Sea. The importance of holding the second summit of the heads of the Caspian littoral states in Tehran was confirmed.

Having stressed that the border between Turkmenistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran is the border of friendship and peace, the sides stated that the border cooperation of the two countries will be developed on merit.

The presidents of the two states acknowledged the expediency of conducting regular consultations on bilateral issues, as well as on multilateral problems of mutual interest. Bilateral consultations will be held on various levels, including meetings of the heads of states, as well as heads of ministries and departments of the two countries and visits by official delegations.

The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr Mahmud Ahmadinezhad, expressed his profound gratitude to the president of Turkmenistan, Mr Saparmurat Niyazov, for the warm welcome and hospitality and invited him to pay a reciprocal official visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The invitation was accepted with gratitude. The date of the visit will be agreed through diplomatic channels.

Done in the city of Ashgabat, on 25 Gorkut (July) 2006, corresponding to 3 Mordad 1385 lunar year, in two original copies, each in the Turkmen and Persian languages, both texts are authentic.

President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov

President of Islamic Republic of Iran Mahmud Ahmadinezhad

(Translated from the text published in the central newspapers of Turkmenistan)

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