28.11.05 16:14

Drilling of first ultra deep well completed at Eastern Cheleken field in Turkmenistan’s west

As the Ashgabat correspondent of Turkmenistan.ru reports, the depth of the exploratory well is 6300 m. Specialists of Burneftgaz trust of state concern Turkmenneft drilled this well using modern equipment, a powerful drilling rig supplied a few years ago by German Bentek company that made it possible to drill wells up to the depth of 7 km and over. Workers of Koturdepe department of drilling works reached the bottom lift of secondary deposits of oil and gas and discovered several producing formations. Commercial inflow of oil was received from the depth of 4500 m. Another producing formation is currently being tested at the depth of 3450 m.

Thus, forecasts of Turkmen and foreign specialists of the large hydrocarbon reserves in the prospect area based on geophysical researches have been confirmed once again. It is being developed by Hazar consortium made up of Turkmenneft state concern and British Maitre International under the PSA since 2000.

Turkmen drillers achieved a qualitatively new level of work with the help of state-of-the-art equipment and latest technologies, considerably increasing the average depth of drilling and construction of wells. Starting this year, divisions of Burneftgaz trust drilled a total of 100 thousand meters of rocks, doubling exploratory and prospect drilling over the last 6 years. Oil and gas enterprises of state concern Turkmenneft have constructed over 30 oil and gas wells at Koturdepe, Barsagelmes, Korpeje, South Kamyshlyja, eastern Cheleken and other fields of Balkan province.

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