28.09.05 20:01

UN Resident Coordinator Khaled Philby wraps up his diplomatic mission to Turkmenistan

Khaled Philby, resident coordinator of UN and permanent representative of UNDP, has wrapped up his diplomatic mission to Turkmenistan. He made a farewell call on the country’s president, Saparmurat Niyazov, on the eve of his departure from Ashgabat.

According to the State news service (TDH), at the meeting the leader of Turkmenistan emphasized the importance Turkmenistan attaches to the partnership with UN.

“Turkmenistan, whose neutral status was recognized by a special resolution of UN, has established close partnership with the United Nations on a wide range of issues providing continuous support to peacemaking efforts of UN,” TDH cites Saparmurat Niyazov.

According to the head of state, tens of important projects implemented recently jointly with the largest UN structures are best evidence of that. He noted, in fact, that these projects serve the well-being and prosperity not only of Turkmenistan but other world countries as well.

On his part, Khaled Philby noted Turkmenistan’s adherence to its commitments, in particular in the field of strengthening peace and international security. In his words, Turkmenistan demonstrated its readiness to steady deepening of the established partnership and dialog by joining a number of important UN conventions and protocols.

“Four years that I spent in Turkmenistan have been the best in my life,” Philby said to the TDH correspondent after the meeting, stressing that he leaves Turkmenistan with a heavy heart. “Wherever I live and work, I will always remember your beautiful country and the great, hospitable Turkmen people that today I want to address my warmest words and best wishes.”

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