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The “Russian-Turkmen House” is a non-profit organization founded on the initiative of charitable public organization “Courage and Humanism” with the support of State Duma and Moscow City Duma deputies, Russian and Turkmen people of literature and art, physical culture and sport, professors and students.

Holding of the contest “Turkmenistan. What do I know about this country” takes an important place in the program of attracting the attention of Russian schoolchildren and older generation – educational specialists, officers of education bodies – to friendly, independent and neutral Turkmenistan.


The first stage of the contest was held in 2003-2004. It resulted in developing the interest of the young generation of Russian citizens in the history, culture and economy of the friendly Turkmen people, deepening of humanitarian links between our countries and peoples. Among the materials sent to the contest were works (including the group works) on the Turkmen history, culture and economy, poems, pictures, other works of art on the contest topic. On February 18, 2005, the eve of the State Flag Day, the exhibition of the best creative works was opened at “Phoenix” Educational Institution, Moscow.

Over 10 thousand schoolchildren took part in the first stage of the contest “Turkmenistan. What do I know about this country?” Over 400 prize-winners were chosen among them, who were awarded memorable diplomas and valuable gifts prepared by “Courage and Humanism” International Union. A group of schoolchildren was honored a trip to Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.


Participants of the contest’s second stage are proposed to focus on the present day of independent and neutral Turkmenistan, on its achievements in the economy, culture, social sphere, development of good neighborly and friendly relations with the Russian Federation and other CIS states, on the stance of the country in the world political and economic arenas. In connection with the forthcoming anniversary date (October 27-28, 2006 – the 15th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s independence), the slogan of the second stage is “Turkmenistan. 15 years of Independence”. While preparing materials for the contest, the organizers advise schoolchildren to take into consideration that 2005 was announced as the year of “Rukhnama”, in honor of historical and philosophic work by Saparmurat Niyazov, President of Turkmenistan.

The organizers consider it extremely important that the contest participants further illustrate the issues dealing with centuries-old culture of the Turkmen people: description of ancient civilizations found on the territory of Turkmenistan during the archaeological excavations, activities constituting the special pride of the Turkmen people – carpet weaving art and breeding of Akhalteke racers, as well as account of the best samples of popular art and literature. The issues covering the richest flora, animal life and ichthyo-fauna of Turkmenistan remain on the agenda as well. Illustrations, poems, written creative works, musical compositions, articles are accepted for the contest. The jury consisting of representatives of Russian and Turkmen intellectuals will determine the winners.


The contest materials should be sent until September 10, 2006, to the address:

Federal Center of Youth Tourism and Local Lore Study
110033, Moscow, 38 “A”, Volochaevskaya Str.,

or –

“Courage and Humanism” International Union
115172 г., Moscow, 4, Narodnaya Str., str.1, doorway №3

(The material was submitted by Non-Profit Organization “Russian-Turkmen House”)

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