11.08.05 20:32


The Turkmen railway workers received new carriages for the park of rolling stock. Two diesel locomotives and nine passenger cars arrived yesterday at Ashgabat depot. Thus, the realization of the biggest contract on the delivery of railway machinery from the People’s Republic of China, Russia and Ukraine for the Ministry of Railway Transport of Turkmenistan was started.

Implementation of the contract with the total value of US$ 128 million signed in 2004 with the Chinese Capital-Longji Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. company has been started. According to the Decree of President Saparmurat Niyazov, the carriages must arrive in Turkmenistan before the commissioning of Ashgabat-Dashoguz railway trunk running across the Karakum desert. The agreement provides for the purchase of 47 diesel locomotives, 530 carriages and 2 laundry complexes (the latter ones have already arrived). All diesel locomotives and 50 passenger cars (30 of them are compartment cars) will come from China, and all freight cars – from Russia and Ukraine.

As for the arrived diesel locomotives, they are two times more powerful than the currently operating ones on the local railway trunks. They are more economical and equipped with the aggregates and apparatuses of the leading world manufacturers. In addition, the Chinese locomotives are designed for the climatic conditions and technical characteristics of the Turkmen railway industry and services.

The passenger cars are manufactured specially for Turkmenistan and are notable for the design innovations. All of them, the carriages with numbered reserved seats including, have the air-conditioning system.

It should be noted that not only passenger cars are renovated. Among the “leaders” in the list of purchased machinery are 150 cement carriers. 80 dump cars for bulk construction materials and 100 tank cars to transport petroleum products of Turkmenbashi Oil Refineries Complex and, in the future, Seidi Oil Refinery were bought. And 100 cars for transportation of mineral fertilizers and fifty grain cars will meet the growing requirements of the agrarian complex of the Turkmen state’s dynamically developing economy.

Beneficial terms of the contract favored the choice of the Chinese company as a partner, which acts as a supplier and creditor as well. Only 15 per cent of the contract value will be paid at the expense of the Turkmen State Fund for Transport and Communication Development in the first months from the moment the contract enters into force. The remaining part of the contract value will be financed at the expense of the credit by Capital-Longji Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. given for the term of eight years with the annual interest rate of 3.6 %. The Turkmen Railways’ partners will also provide warranty service during two years. Establishment of the service center is planned in the future as well


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