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On 25 July 2005, the Supreme Kaziyet (Court) of Turkmenistan, considering the criminal case of Rejep Saparov, who has occupied high state posts and committed a serious crime, found him guilty under the following articles of the Criminal Code of Turkmenistan: Article 184, part 2, clauses a, b, d, Article 229, part 4, Article 287, parts 2 and 4, Article 182, clause g and Article 181, part 2 of , i.e. on the following charges: bribery, embezzlement, appropriation of entrusted property, illegal acquisition and storage of guns, ammunition, explosives and explosive device, abuse of office, and exceeding of authority. The court sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

According to Turkmenistan\'s law-enforcement agencies, during the course of the investigation of the criminal case of Rejep Saparov, who occupied the post of deputy chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan from 1992 to November 2002, and later worked as head of the Presidential Administration of Turkmenistan until July 2005, numerous facts of the crimes committed by him have been revealed and he fully confessed his guilt in committing the criminal acts.

During the course of the investigation, it has been revealed that by abusing his office, Rejep Saparov regularly took bribes in especially large amounts over many years. He received US $ 100,000 from the former minister of agriculture of Turkmenistan, Tagandurdy Nuriyev, in 1997; US $ 100,000 in 2000 from Kakajan Ovezov, who was chairman of Turkmenistan\'s Food Industry Association by then, and in the same year he received a US $ 100,000 bribe from the former governor of Mary Region Chary Kuliyev; Amangeldi Atayev, who was governor of Mary Region by then, gave him 100,000 dollars in 2001; in 2004 the former governor of Dashoguz Region, Ishanguly Gulmyradov, gave a US $ 1 mln bribe to Rejep Saparov; in 2002 he received a US $ 1.4 mln bribe from the head of the Turkish firm Mensel, Kadyr Sever, and he also took bribes from numerous other officials. All of these facts have been fully confirmed.

Besides, using his post, for certain recompense R. Saparov arranged for the bribers executive jobs in the country\'s organizations and enterprises. Thus, on 9 February 2004, for a US $ 20,000 bribe, R. Saparov managed to get Ovezmammet Bayrammamedov, who was earlier fired from the post of chairman of the largest vodka production department of the Ashgabatcakyr enterprise for theft, reinstated in this post.

At the same time, R. Saparov, abusing his power, did not hesitate to illegally arrange executive posts for his relatives as well. Among them are former director of Main Oil Depot of Dashoguz Region Bayram Gummiyew, former chairwoman of the Dashoguz Region association of labour unions Aysoltan Pasiyeva, Deputy Minister of Trade and Consumers\' Union of Turkmenistan Shamurat Matjiyev and a number of others.

Moreover, R. Saparov, illegally using his post, also arranged responsible posts for his fellow villagers, relatives and tribesmen. When his fellow villager Seyitguly Aytiyev was fired from the post of director of the Ashgabatchorekonumleri Production Association in 1999 for serious shortcomings, Rejep Saparov had Aytiyev reappointed to the vacant post of chairman of this enterprise on 21 February 2001. For this \"service\", R. Saparov received US $ 100,000 and five Turkmen carpets from the \"grateful\" S. Aytiyev. In his turn, S. Aytiyev by entering into criminal conspiracy with R. Saparov, \"cared\" for his fellow countrymen and gave jobs to 80 of his tribesmen and fellow villagers and, moreover, he gave them higher posts.

On 12 September 2001, on the instruction of R. Saparov, Dadebay Baygeldiyev was appointed to the post of director of the Dashoguz Vegetable Oil Extraction Plant of Turkmenistan\'s Food Industry Association. For such \"patronage\", Rejep Saparov received a US $ 100,000 bribe from him and since then Saparov regularly received US $ 50,000 dollars from D. Baygeldiyev on a quarterly basis as a bribe so that he could keep his post continuously.

During the course of the investigations, it was also revealed that R. Saparov illegally acquired and stored at his home four units of firearms, an Austrian-made five-charge optical STEYR Mannlicher M rifle, a Perfecta FBI 8000 gas pistol, as well as dozens of ammunition for them.

During the course of the investigations, the following property of R. Saparov, which he stole from the state and received in the form of bribes, were confiscated: 2,161,000 US dollars; 107 kg of various types of jewelry made of gold and silver worth over 10m dollars; 114 Turkmen carpets of a special make as well as many other material valuables. By the decision of the Supreme Court, all of the above-mentioned property was transferred to the state.

Currently, Turkmenistan\'s law-enforcement agencies have initiated criminal cases and are continuing the investigations into the criminal acts of citizens who got executive jobs with the help of Rejep Saparov.

The Turkmen State News Service, 27.07.2005

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