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As Turkmenistan.ru reported earlier, a textile complex, slated to become the biggest one in the republic, is being built in the north of Ashgabat. The complex dimensions and construction progress are very impressive. It was just a year ago that Turkmen President Saparmurat Niyazov approved the design of the future leader of the textile industry. Today, the construction site gives the idea of the project’s scope and the complex’s appearance.

The reinforced concrete framing of production facilities, an administrative building, a trade center, two dormitories, a power generating unit and other structures have sprang up on the big construction site along the Neutrality Avenue. Specialists of the contractor company, “Folkestone Holdings”, a joint venture of “Zorlu Holding” and “Norsel International Limited”, increase the pace of work on assembling the bridging of the main shops. A 1.5 km long water conduit and a 4.5 km power transmission line have been laid down to the site, and the fencing has been installed already.

According to the Textile Ministry of Turkmenistan, the contract’s cost, including erection of external engineering communications, commissioning of the first stage of the project by February 19, 2005, and the second one by October 27, 2005, is US $ 178.5 million.

According to the designers, three different production units will be located on the territory of 43 hectares. They are a weaving factory producing cotton fabric and terry cloth, a dye-house and a factory on production of terry-cloth and ready-made cotton articles.

The capacity of the first stage of the textile complex is projected at 5 thousand tons of dyed terry-cloth fabric and 19 million pieces of terry-cloth articles a year. The capacity of the second stage will enable the complex to turn out 39 million sq m of grey cotton cloth, 68 million sq m of dyed cotton cloth, and 19.7 million pieces of ready-made garments. All of it will be manufactured on the most advanced German, Japanese, Turkish and Italian equipment.

The contours of the future textile complex are already visible on the construction site. The administrative building is being built in the northern part of the territory, on the crossing of the Neutrality Avenue and the Hero of Turkmenistan Atamurat Niyazov Avenue. Its crescent-shaped facade faces the road fork leading to the airport. The production facility and demonstration hall are located behind the administrative building. The demonstration hall has a museum in the form of ellipse with the decorative pool and podium over water. A part of the tribune and pool will be covered by the textile membrane roof. It will create the effect of a closed space. Two dormitories are being erected for workers of the enterprise.

The construction of a large trade center facing the Neutrality Avenue is under way next to the production facility. The power generating unit is being constructed in the southern part of the administrative building. There will be two boiler houses, water softening facilities, pumps and water reservoirs, a compressor station, warehouse, fire prevention reservoir and a depot. It will also have a kitchen to provide meals to the canteens in the shops. Water purification facilities and a power sub-station will be located behind the power generating unit.

The project provides for landscaping of an adjacent territory with a total area of 26 hectares, which is twice the combined area of the new buildings. Thus, the complex’s facilities and the rest of buildings will drown in the shade of trees and ornamental bushes. Lawns with flowers, sidewalks and roads will decorate the territory. They will create cozy resting places. The new textile complex will become one of the best enterprises of Turkmenistan’s textile industry.

Vladimir KOMAROV

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