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As the Ashgabat correspondent of Turkmenistan.ru reports, a two-day regional coordination conference on the fight against illegal trafficking of drugs and precursors concluded in Ashgabat. A special declaration was adopted in the end of the conference.

The conference was organized by the Government of Turkmenistan and the U.N. Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention (UNODC) with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Ashgabat. As was reported earlier, representatives of the five Central Asian states, Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Iran, United States and United Kingdom participated in the conference.

The conference heard the reports on a wide range of issues starting with an analysis of the situation in every particular region finishing with appropriate efforts at the national level on the fight against drug trafficking and suppression of drug demand. An extensive discussion on working out a consolidated and efficient mechanism on countering this global threat on the basis of general understanding of the problem and methods of tackling the problem was also held.

The participants of the regional coordination conference on the fight against illegal trafficking of drugs and precursors issued a Declaration embracing all the agreements reached at the conference on the maximum engagement of participating countries in the regional cooperation.

The Declaration says:

“The participants of the conference,

• Expressing a serious concern in connection with the increase of drugs smuggling in the region;

• Noting the worsening of the situation related to consumption of drugs, including the increase of addicts and spread of AIDS;

• Confirming the determination of the states to undertake additional measures for curbing the illegal trafficking of drugs and precursors;

• Noting the necessity of developing a balanced approach directed at the reduction of supply of and demand for drugs;

• Calling for the consolidation of efforts and enhancement of coordination of activity of the regional states with the view of taking effective decisions to tackle problems related to drugs;

• Confirming their states commitment to the development of constructive and neighborly relations on the basis of mutual cooperation in the sphere of control of flow of drugs;

• Supporting the existing regional coordination mechanisms of cooperation,

Have agreed as follows:

1. To regard the Ashgabat meeting of 29-30 March 2005 as the base for further annual meetings with participation of donors to coordinate efforts on the fight against illegal trafficking of drugs and precursors and spread of drug addiction;

2. To develop a system of measures with the purpose of coordination of efforts of state law enforcement agencies of the region;

3. To exchange information regularly, including statistical data, on illegal trafficking and consumption of drugs;

4. To arrange joint training of employees of law enforcement agencies of the interested states in view of national and regional initiatives;

5. To develop close cooperation with the international community in the field of the fight against drugs within the framework of previously undertaken obligations under the UN convention on control of drugs;

6. To extend greatest possible cooperation for appropriate programmes carried out by the international organizations;

7. Taking into account the necessity of strengthening the coordination and cooperation in view of the developing situation with drugs in the region, to actively support the appropriate initiatives of the state participants of this conference, including on the establishment of specific mechanisms of cooperation;

8. To continue active participation of states of the region in the international initiatives directed at prevention of the illegal flow of precursors.”

The participants of the regional coordination conference noted the high level of organization of the conference and expressed deep gratitude to the government of Turkmenistan for the warm reception and hospitality.


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