12.12.04 16:24


Today, Turkmenistan widely and festively celebrates Day of Neutrality, which is the second significant state holiday.

The 50th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations supported the country leadership’s idea on securing a neutral state status in its resolution, “On the permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan”, 9 years ago. Addressing the people of Turkmenistan on the occasion of this holiday, Turkmen president Saparmurat Niyazov emphasized that the neutral policy is of great importance for the development of the independent state, strengthening its economic power and enhancement of its international weight.

“Neutrality is a guarantee of peaceful life and security for every citizen of Turkmenistan. This is a possibility to safely work, study, build and create,” the president’s message says.

Saparmurat Niyazov also congratulated young men and women of Turkmenistan on Students Day, which is marked together with Neutrality Day, according to a resolution of the head of state.

The Ashgabat Olympic stadium became a center of festivities today, the Ashgabat correspondent of Turkmenistan.ru reports. A parade of horse riders holding national flags of the UN member-states and a theatrical show was held there. Saparmurat Niyazov greeted the show’s participants and spectators. There were also Moscow guests, representatives of the Russian public organization, “Academy of security, defence and law and order problems”, at the show. They presented the Turkmen leader with diplomas on awarding him titles of professor and academic as well as “Peter the Great” medal, first grade.

It should be recalled that on September 22, 2004, the Academy’s presidium decided to award Saparmurat Niyazov the honorary title and medal “for his great personal contribution to securing stability and prosperity in Turkmenistan, peace and security in the Central Asian region, and for his outstanding services in the development and strengthening of friendly relations between the peoples of Turkmenistan and Russia.”

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