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The Government of Turkmenistan is going to carry out a large-scale and very important in social terms action – selective census of the population and survey of households.

As the Ashgabat correspondent of Turkmenistan.ru reports, today the government of Turkmenistan needs to get a clear and detailed picture of the population’s life, more information about its composition and households’ finances to promote further social programs. In view of this the President of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Niyazov, has issued a decree on carrying out a selective census of the population and survey of households. This important event has been long prepared. So far, there have been developed different types of census documents that were successfully tested during two probation polls of the population and householders in Akhal and Mary regions as well as in the capital of Turkmenistan.

“In the process of developing the census documents an emphasis was laid on receiving a wide spectrum of up-to-date information about living conditions of people, households’ main sources of income, how people adapted to market economy, the extent of people’s economic activity and mobility, what people think about comprehensive economic and social reforms in Turkmenistan, said head of the department of population of the National institute of statistics and information O.Mukhametberdiyev in an interview to local mass media. Receiving as much information as possible about households is exactly the main task for us, because neither traditional surveys of households’ budgets nor other selective examinations in this direction, due to the lack of households selected for it (from 1500 to 2000), allow us, unfortunately, to get comprehensive information”.

It should be noted that in preparation for the coming action its organizers tried to take into account experience of the census completed in 1995 (Turkmenistan then became the first country of the former USSR to complete census on the recommendation of the UN), experience of other states, recommendations of international experts on the issues of households’ surveys.
Selective nature of the census of households implies a greater responsibility for its organizers as the results of the survey, as a whole, depend on the correctness of the conduct of selective procedure, considering that over 50 thousand people need to be selected from over one million of households in Turkmenistan. It is important that each of the households has equal chance be picked up for surveying. Only on this condition it will be possible to correlate the results of the census with all households of the state.

The government is perfectly aware that the procedure should be conducted in accordance with international standards. The results of the action will help to take right and reasoned decisions in the framework of implementation of the strategy of further increasing the standards of living and economic activity of the population of Turkmenistan.

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