06.08.02 11:32

Do not touch presidents

Inhabitants of Vladimir come to carpet shop to admire carpets with Vladimir Putin's image. The hand-worked carpets (110-160 sm) render in details the portrait of the Russian President Putin. Salesclerks of the shop informed “Izcestia” that the number of buyers and the sale of the shop increased sizably after carpets with the image of the Russian president appeared in the shop. Many visitors just come to look at the carpets, saleswoman said, however, informing that any of them ever dare to touch carpets with the image of Putin. According to the director of the shop Igor Zentsova, carpets are made in Turkmenistan on individual order: "they already have weaved the biggest carpet in the world with image of Turkmenbashi. The book was even placed in Ginness record book. As for Putin’s picture on the carpet, such carpets are on great demand. Such carpets cost from 15,600. “Carpets are usually ordered for office buildings, sometimes we have clients from other regions. However, sometimes, people order carpets for having them hang at home. Saleswomen also informed that client can order a carpet with the own image, while it will cost him the same price as the one with president’s pictures. "Although Putin is the president, the carpet with his image is sold for the same money, as with the image of any citizen of Russia. It is democracy”.

City of Vladimir
Izvestiya daily

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