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Kazakhstan has been breeding Akhalteke thoroughbred horses for about a century now. Experts and fans have always put much value on horses that were initially bred in the Auleatinsk and Jambul stud farms and, later, in the Lugovsk stud farm, set up on their basis. It was exactly there that a line of Bek-Nazar-Al was raised through his son Posman that later grew into a separate line, gaining in popularity recently. The Jambul stud farm gave birth to famous sire Skak, a father of a very popular line in Turkmenistan. The world best sporting horse of the 20th century, triple medallist of the Olympic games, black colored stallion Absent was also born and bred there. An exhibition of his offspring, “Absent – 2002”, was named in his honor. The national equestrian team of Kazakhstan used to ride only Akhalteke horses and took not the least places at competitions within the USSR. The Lugovsk stud farm also boasts raising such famous horses as Gaukhar, a Derby horse and a father of six Derby horses; full sisters of Garda, Geokcha and Gangur; record holder horse Gummi; matchless Ara; unbeaten Agnets and many others.

After years of stagnation and breakup (the Lugovsk farm degraded and the Derges and Aktas farms closed down) things began to gradually recover. There emerged private stud farms against the background of the collapse of the Socialist economy, in which everything belonged to people and, in fact, to nobody. The Absent (city of Taraz, former Jambul) stud farm, which was established and is run by “BM” company, picked up the banner to ensure succession of the Akhalteke horse breeding. General director and fan of the Akhalteke breed, Sultan Baudinovich Makhmadov became the heart of the farm. In his fiftieth, he learned the basics of show jumping and triathlon, riding exactly the Akhalteke horses, and secured experienced horse breeders and specialists in his team (V.Koshin, stud chief and good specialists, and G.Slavskaya, former specialist in horse-breeding at the Lugovsk stud). He supported a number of famous ex-sportsmen, established a children’s sporting school. He has a training department for the English and Akhalteke thoroughbreds at the renovated Almaty hippodrome. He has a well-known sportswoman in his team, a graduate of the republican school of high sport mastership, master of sports in dressage M.Murtazina who perfected her skills in Germany, sponsored by the Absent stud farm.

Another private owner Alexander Alexandrovich Sutyaginsky also has a big stud farm of Akhalteke horses. He has built several stud farms and a riding hall in three years. He established conditions for training, bought famous sires and dams and invited professional sportsmen. Master of sports of the USSR G.Sukhoveyenko has been successfully performing in dressage on Akhalteke horse Gipur for many years now. A competition team is being formed. At the same time, a founder of a jockey club with vast experience in breeding the English thoroughbreds, Alexander Alexandrovich put everything aside and focused on the Akhalteke breed. Marina Serebryakova was invited from Russia for this purpose to work at the farm.

The elite stock of horses is concentrated in the Akhal-Teke stud farm (Almaty), specializing only in breeding Akhalteke horses. It has a number of stallions and mares, participants and medallists of the World and Russian championships, which originate from the Lugovsk stud farm and Panfilov collective farm in Kazakhstan, the Russian Stavropolsk and Dagestan stud farms. Experts value very much horses of this farm. The 2002 breed browses on in the apple trees garden. Future champions, descendants of Absent, Khutor and Gumdag are trained and growing stronger in the skilful hands of show jumpers and masters of dressage. Stud chief M.Dyagilev spends days and nights at the side of horses. Ex-members of the USSR team, masters of sports of international class in triathlon V.Chekalin and N.Ilyin as well as master of sports in dressage S.Chekalina put their whole souls into horses. Their USSR teammate and, afterwards, the chief coach of Kazakhstan, V.Tsalikov, supervises their work. The Merkur equestrian club, whose sportsmen ride Akhalteke horses and managed to achieve good results, start taking interest in the Akhalteke breed too.

N.Bekbosynov also belongs to Akhalteke fans. His stud boasts 2006 World champion, light-bay stallion Salyr who sired great colts this year.

Another horse breeder Pyotr Petrovich Nefedov, who retired from state service to concentrate on Her Majesty the Horse, breed the descendants of Absent, Kerzi and Gaukhar in the harsh conditions of Central Kazakhstan (city of Karaganda).

This is the situation in Kazakhstan. And every year the Akhalteke horses gain more fans.

Yakov DIK

Correspondent of “Akhalteke-inform” Almanac

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