25.08.04 17:55



“UN Chronicle” periodical, issued by the U.N., has published a conceptual article by president of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov, “Strategic partnership for ideals of peace and humanism”, in its current issue. In the article the Turkmen leader writes about Turkmenistan’s experience of statehood development, its present achievements and shares his vision of prospects of the U.N. development.

“The people of Turkmenistan, having declared its independence in the difficult time, could get united around the idea of national revival, exercising the ability to meet the changes and challenges of the new age in an adequate manner. The people realized its character that possesses such features as peace loving, tolerance, trust and ability to listen and be heard. These features, in particular, make us believe that democracy is inherent in our people,” the article reads.

Saparmurat Niyazov also emphasizes that “the modern Turkmen society develops on the basis of new-born national consciousness and those moral-political values that contribute to consolidation of the nation around the idea of new statehood and productive development.” The Turkmen leader at the same time notes that mutual understanding between authorities and people, their mutual trust, which is a foundation for our common success, remain an important factor.

Speaking about relations between Turkmenistan and the United Nations, the author of the article stresses that “cooperation with the U.N. is a strategic direction of the foreign policy of neutral Turkmenistan. At the same time the article says that “we share a common viewpoint that the U.N. system in the XXI century needs rational reforming. We are for the U.N. reforming in the direction of strengthening and enhancement of its international prestige.”

In view of this, Saparmurat Niyazov states Turkmenistan’s readiness “to provide the U.N. bodies with all necessary resources for increasing their presence in the region by opening up headquarters of other U.N. agencies in our capital.” The republic has every condition for that, including housing and service infrastructure, the article’s author notes. “We are ready to consider the issue of providing maximum economic benefits to the U.N. agencies working in Turkmenistan,” Saparmurat Niyazov notes.

Among other initiatives of the Turkmen leader there is a proposal to establish a U.N. Center on preventive diplomacy in the Central Asian region. “Turkmenistan stands ready to provide full assistance in the establishment of the center in the capital of our neutral state. The establishment of a regional Consultative Council for heads of Central Asian states would also serve the aim of building confidence in the region and be an efficient mechanism to avert development of crises and conflicts,” Saparmurat Niyazov writes.


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