25.04.04 11:31


Today Turkmenistan marks Akhalteke Horse Day, the ITAR-TASS’s correspondent Anna Kurbanova reports.

“Our love of the glorious Akhalteke horses like of everything that makes up a centuries old spiritual treasury of the nation is immeasurable”, President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov noted in his address to the country’s horse-breeders. “After gaining sacred independence we first of all thought to revive onetime fame of the world best Akhalteke horses. We hold horse races and revived national horse-riding games. And we have built a super modern horse riding sport complex”, the message of the head of state says.

The name of Akhalteke means a place of birth of the famous horse, an oasis of Akhal (in the center of modern Turkmenistan’s territory) and those who bred it, a Turkmen tribe of “Teke”. A picture of the Akhalteke horse features in the center of the national emblem of Turkmenistan. On Niyazov’s proposal this picture was taken of a stallion called Yanardag (Fire mountain) – a popular among people Akhaltehe horse that became a world champion of the breed in 1999. At present time, the Akhalteke herd accounts for over 2,000 horses. “Citizens of Turkmenistan treat the Akhalteke horses with veneration and I am no exception”, Saparmurat Niyazov stressed in his address. The President of Turkmenistan has his own stable consisting of 200 horses, which is a center of the selection work.

Horses from various stud farms of the country will race today in the capital’s hippodrome. The winner-riders will receive an automobile, refrigerators and TV sets as prizes. The history of the Akhalteke horse is displayed on TV, in theaters and songs that are sung today in the squares of cities and villages of Turkmenistan.

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