08.01.04 08:20


As the Ashgabat correspondent of Turkmenistan.ru reports, the country’s State Arts Academy celebrates its 10th anniversary today. The President of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Niyazov, has sent a congratulatory message to the collective of the Academy on this occasion. He has also signed two decrees according to which head of the national arts department of the State Arts Academy Maral Atayeva is to be awarded the honorary title, “National painter of Turkmenistan”, head of the graphics department Nursahet Eyeberdiyev is to be awarded “Gayrat” medal and deputy rector on science work Nuryagdy Yagshymyradov, senior lecturer with the sculptures department Shamurat Yarmamedov and head of the painting department Polat Garriyev are to be awarded the jubilee medal, “For the great love of Fatherland”.

Yesterday the President of Turkmenistan visited a picture exhibition of students and professors of the State Art Academy and handed over money prizes to a number of its participants and $20,000 to the leadership of the Academy from his Charity Fund.

In his speech Saparmurat Niyazov highly valued the exhibition’s works and said that they were filled with spirit of the real freedom that our recent history lacked when arts was dominated by ideology.

The head of state assured that Turkmen artists would receive further support from the government and reminded that 75% of the budget expenditures are channeled into the social programs, large amount of funds are allocated for the construction of cultural objects. Today in the capital alone new buildings of Art Academy, Museum of Fine Arts, Drama Theater after Mollanepes, Institute of Culture, Exhibition Hall, National Library are being built as well as the new Music-Drama Theater that will open its doors in a week.

Addressing the artists, Saparmurat Niyazov noted their contribution to the achievements of the country over the years of independence.

“You, the artists, fully supported the policy of independent Turkmenistan, you raised the national spirit, the President said in particular. If we continue this course together with all forces of the society that are part of the Revival movement, we will succeed. I said in 1990 that Turkmens would be able to live in dignity. And now you can see it yourself. Your lives are no less than that of other people, your freedom is not limited to anything except the law, and you may go wherever you want to. As I said yesterday only dishonest people cannot travel freely before they answer to the law. As for the rest, they may produce their passports and travel to other states. See other states, make comparisons, and then you will understand the real meaning of Makhtumkuli’s poems about our motherland, people and you will assess your past from the new angle”.

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