18.08.03 13:05


The Turkmen mass media have published “The law on the state national emblem of Turkmenistan” adopted at the People’s Council session last week.

“The state national emblem of Turkmenistan is an octagon of green color and yellow-golden color frame with blue and red colored circles inside”, the correspondent of Turkmenistan.ru reports from Ashgabat.

“There are yellow-golden strips of the same width in between the circles, - the law says. There are main elements of the national wealth and state symbols around the red circle on the green back of octagon: seven five-sided cotton boxes with green leaves at the bottom of the emblem; wheat spikes of yellow-golden color, with two spikes at both sides in the middle of the emblem; crescent with five five-fingered stars of white color on the top of the emblem. There are five main carpet ornaments running clockwise in the outer strip of the red circle in proportion of two diameters of the blue circle: Akhalteke, Salyr, Ersary, Chovdur, Yomut representing friendship and solidarity of the Turkmen people. There is Akhalteke horse Yanardag, belonging to President of independent and neutral Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov, that Turkmen take pride in, and an embodiment of the classic horse of the unique Akhalteke breed”.

In President Saparmurat Niyazov words, the initiator of the national emblem look change, Turkmen have considered the octagon a symbol of abundance, peace and tranquility since ancient times.

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