28.05.03 23:59

Head of General Staff of Turkmenistan accused in participation in November 2002 plot

A special commission, which is to check up the accusations addressed to the first deputy defence Minister and the head of the General Staff and Commander of Air Forces Serdar Chariyev is formed in Turkmenistan. The first Deputy Defence Minister is accused of participation in attempt of anti-governmental plot, perpetrated Novembver 25, 2003. Moreover, the head of the General Staff is also accused of participation in shedy deal in 1994 on selling of 5 Su-17 aircraft organized and lead by the former Prime Minister Boris Shikhmuradov. The commission is headed by the Prosecutor General of Turkmenistan Surbanbabi Atajanova. Among the members of the commission are the Defence Minister, the Interior Minister, National Secuirity Minister as well as the Deputy Justice Minister.

Ashkhabad’s correspondent of Turkmenistan.ru reports that this issues was discussed at the session of Defence Ministry of Turkmenistan, headed by the President Saparmurat Niyazov. The President informed that there are some facts of participation of Chariyarov in the aforementioned deals, however stressing about professionality of the former official.

The Defence Minister of Turkmenistan Arazov announced that while working as the deputy Defence Minister Chariyarov was informed about interntions of Boris Shikhmuradov to carry out plot, assassination on the president Turkmenbashi. He promised his assistance providing support of the army. Shikhmuradov stated that he was in closed contacts with the head of Staff and that Chariyarov was well informed about the plot.

Chariyarov was instructed by terrorists to guarantee support of the Defence Ministry for the plot organizers. In case of success of the plot he was promised to receive the post of Defence Minister of Turkmenistan. Moreover, while being the Deputy Minister Chariyarov managed to force the group responsible for evaluation of 5 SU-17 aircrafts under evaluating them at 27 million 783 thousand Usd and 9,000 new fire guns AKA-74 and other military stuff for selling them to Oniks company of Russian Rosvoorujeniye. Arazov also stressed other facts embezzlement.

Sparmurat Niyazov underlined that investigation of the case is not over yet and that the commission has to study the details. “The most important is to find the truth,” Niyazov said. “For now I am firing Serdar Chariyarov of his post and gave him 25 days-term for working with the commission for finding truth. If you are not guilty everyone in Turkmenistan will welcome this fact.”

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