03.05.02 15:56

Streets of Turkmen capital will be numbered

The numerical system of street identification, widely accepted and used in many of the world's cities, is to be introduced in the Turkmen capital Ashkhabad. Only the names of the main roads of the city, such as Turkmenbasy Avenue, Bitarap Turkmenistan, Garassyzlyk Avenue and a few others connected with its modern history, will remain unchanged.
City administration specialists, with the help of all municipal services, are due to start the project shortly.
There are optimal versions of the scheme that take into account the complexity of the city street structures. There will be a combination of radial and rectangular systems. The marking off starts from Palace Square, situated in the very centre of the Turkmen capital. It bears the number "2000". Vectors will run from there in four directions, with the streets having ascending and descending numbers.

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