03.05.02 15:52

Iranian President considers Caspian Sea Summit as essential event

Upon the return from the visit to the five Central Asian countries, the Iranian president Mohammad Khatami described the Caspian Sea Summit, which took place in Tukrmenistan’s capital as successful and essential step for settling existing problems and differences of opinion.
“The conference of the leaders of the five Caspian Sea littoral states was a very important event, the President said adding that it was the first time that the heads of state gathered together and discussed the particular subject of the Caspian Sea which is a common region between the five countries. We all stressed the need for greater expert work and agreed that the conference should be held again,” Khatami said.
The presidents agreed on one important point - the region belongs to these five countries and any kind of foreign intervention in the Caspian region should be blocked. Another important issue was the completion of the legal regime of the Caspian Sea and its exploitation, which should be carried out according to a consensus reached by the five countries.

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