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Argamaks under Cloudy Sky

Moscow hosted World Championship-2010 of Akhal Teke horses

On August 28-29, Moscow hosted the international sports meeting of enthusiasts and breeders of Akhal Teke horses titled "Heavenly Argamak-2010". This event is considered the largest event of the year for lovers of Akhal Teke horses not only in Russia but also worldwide. A panel of international referees as well as breeders from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and many other countries, where Turkmen horses are treated with sincere love, were invited to the championship.

The history of international meetings "Heavenly Argamak" started in 1980 in Ashgabat, the historic homeland of Akhal Teke horses. Since then, the methods of horse assessment and mechanisms of refereeing, as well as the breed itself have been constantly improved. This year, an extensive program of the meeting included the International Exhibition of Akhal Teke horses "World Championship-2010", "Big Akhal Teke Prizes" races, contest "The Best Fancy-Dress Demonstration Performance", as well as various entertainment performances. The events were organized by the Association of Akhal Teke Horse Breeding of Russia (AATB), the International Association of Akhal Teke Horse Breeding (IAAB), the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Central Moscow Hippodrome" of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture with participation of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Horse Breeding (RSRIH).

"Heavenly horses", although being grown on the territory of Russia but known for their very natural love for hot climate, had the bad luck to get nasty weather - a torrential rain accompanied high-level horse performances at the Central Moscow Hippodrome. The hippodrome stands stood half empty owing to nasty weather, despite the summer holidays and the uniqueness of the show. At the same time, conversations among breed enthusiasts themselves, who arrived in Moscow from various parts of the world, were very warm.

- People involved in the study, breeding and keeping Akhal Teke horses are a united family who are very enthusiastic about their work, - says the chief editor of "Akhal-Teke Inform" annual information-analytical anthology on thoroughbred Akhal Teke horses, who is also the head of the demonstration/learning sector of the Museum of Horse Breeding, member of the Association of Akhal Teke Horse Breeding, participant of three runs on Akhal Teke horses in the extreme conditions of the Karakum desert, Julia Kuznetsova. While betting in the country is abolished, it could be seen in the course of events how much horse owners were worried about assessments of their horses and how they enjoyed prizes, not only because they are prestigious, but also because they mean the improvement of the gene pool of thoroughbred Akhal-Teke horses as a whole.

The championship was a significant event for Akhal Teke horses who are an invaluable asset not only for the Turkmen nation, but the whole world. The gathering showed that quality of thoroughbred Akhal Teke horses in Russia increased significantly along with their phenotype. The exhibition and races provided guidance and incentives for further development of the breed. According to Yulia Kuznetsova, many racers found new owners and fell into good hands thanks to the event. Horse breeding is hardly a profitable business. So, this year's World Championship organizers tried to attract attention of representatives of the endowed strata of society, who, once fallen in love with beautiful Argamaks, could provide protection for the unique breed that needs continued care and support. However, in reality, the main VIP-guests of the championship were not representatives of business and power, but inmates of orphanages from the Moscow region. Visiting orphans were able to watch the spectacular competitions and take part in a special program, including a tour of the racecourse stables, pony riding and presentation of gifts.

- As is known, the breed of thoroughbred Akhal Teke horses that appeared in the territory of modern Turkmenistan presumably some 5000 years ago is one of the most valuable. Fans of "heavenly horses" live all over the world. That is why the spread of breeding materials is so great that it is difficult to communicate and exchange experiences. One of the goals of "Heavenly Argamak" meetings is to overcome the borders that separate the true connoisseurs of Akhal Teke horses, - said vice-president of the International Association of Akhal Teke Horse Breeding, member of the presidium of AATB of Russia, Chief Registrar of the State thoroughbred studbook of the breed, Head of Selection and Breeding Center, Senior Research Fellow of the All-Russian Research Institute of Horse Breeding, Ph.D., one of the biggest specialists in the world on Akhal-Teke horses, Tatyana Ryabova.

The Russian expert expressed hope for further intensification of international cooperation in preserving the integrity of the Akhal Teke breed. As is known, this same goal is pursued by the recently established International Association of Akhal Teke Horse Breeding with headquarters in Ashgabat chaired by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. According to Tatyana Ryabova, having met in Moscow, representatives of the international community once again confirmed their enthusiasm about plans and initiatives of Turkmenistan in relation to enhancing the world fame of Akhal-Teke horses. The new structure under the auspices of the Turkmen leader shows promise in terms of a leap forward in future in selection and breeding work, which in no other country is supervised at the highest level. It is possible that at the future major championships "winged horses" will not have to stand the vagaries of weather and will be able to show off their dazzling beauty and sport qualities in the gentle rays of the Turkmen sun, which is natural to any Akhal Teke horse wherever he was grown.

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