23.12.21 09:10

Turkmen circus presents new program on New Year's Eve

The State Circus of Turkmenistan presented a new program to the residents and guests of Ashgabat on the eve of the New Year holidays. 

Young viewers are especially happy about the new program. They love circus performances with animals. Kids really liked monkeys and dancing horse performances. 

Clowns also made the audience laugh to tears. The artists adapted to the circus genre the popular Turkmen fairy tale about greedy and evil Bovendzhik (bubble). Judging by the reaction of the audience, the circus interpretation of the cautionary tale turned out to be very funny. 

The circus act with Akhal-Teke horses became the jewel of the new show. The horse performances by the group of national equestrian games "Galkynysh" (Revival) are always a success. The fancy riders, including a girl, fearlessly perform dangerous stunts. The audience's favorite rider, Medina Bayramdurdyeva, has been riding a horse since the age of five. She performs a complex stunt program on a par with men. 

Russian spectators may soon be able to see the new show of the Turkmen circus. Representatives of Turkmenistan and Russia currently negotiate the organization of the tour.

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