02.11.21 10:15

Turkmenistan marks 28th anniversary of introduction of national currency

The Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management hosted a scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 28th anniversary of introduction of the national currency - Turkmen manat. 

The conference discussed issues relating to the development of the national banking system. In their reports, the participants noted that the introduction of the national currency on November 1, 1993 marked an important milestone in the history of economic development of the Turkmen state, in particular circulation of money. The speakers stressed that this event signified the beginning of a truly sovereign economic policy of the country and played a huge role in strengthening the foundations of the country's independence. 

As part of the conference, there was held an exhibition of banknotes, commemorative coins of precious metals issued by the Central Bank of Turkmenistan over the years of independence, jewelry and materials dedicated to the history of Turkmen numismatics.

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