26.09.19 09:19

Khalk Maslakhaty of Turkmenistan convenes in Ashgabat

The Khalk Maslakhaty (People’s Council) of Turkmenistan convened in Ashgabat for its second meeting under the chairmanship of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The meeting was attended by the government officials, leaders and members of the Mejlis (parliament), heads of regional, district and city administrations, elders, employees of public organizations, delegations from the regions of the country, heads of Turkmenistan’s diplomatic missions abroad, representatives of political parties, public associations, journalists and guests of the capital city.

The meeting reviewed a wide range of issues relating to the socio-economic development of the country, improvement of the work of public authorities and the constitutional framework of the country.

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov delivered a keynote speech at the People’s Council meeting. The head of state briefed the council on the pace of the socio-economic development of the country in 2019. According to him, over the nine months of this year, Turkmenistan’s GDP is expected to exceed 110 billion manat, while the GDP growth rate will reach 6.3 percent.

Berdimuhamedov noted the steady growth of the industrial sector, accounting for 32.6 percent of the GDP. According to the head of state, investments are the key tool for development of the Turkmen economy through diversification. He noted that the total investments in the country would amount to 29 billion manat (26.2 percent of the GDP).

The Turkmen leader also said that some 66-68 percent of investments in the manufacturing sector help Turkmenistan to maintain a strategic course focusing on the industrial-innovative model of development.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov put forward an initiative to establish a bicameral parliament by merging the Khalk Maslakhaty and the Mejlis into the one system of representative and legislative bodies.

According to the head of state, such transition to a qualitatively new bicameral system will make it possible to meet the interests of all sectors of the Turkmen society by creating the conditions for supervision in the law enforcement practice. This measure will give impetus to a closer interaction of members of parliament with their constituencies and greater control over the implementation of laws and national programs.

The President of Turkmenistan signed a decree on the establishment of the Constitutional Commission charged with development of proposals on introduction of relevant amendments to the Constitution of Turkmenistan. The Mejlis of Turkmenistan was instructed to establish a working group under the Constitutional Commission that would review and synthesize proposals on amendments and changes in the country's constitution. The head of state suggested that the Constitutional Commission should submit proposals on the establishment of a bicameral parliament at the next meeting of the Khalk Maslakhaty of Turkmenistan in 2020.

At the meeting, the President of Turkmenistan conferred state awards - orders, medals and honorary titles – on a group of citizens of the country for their contribution to the development of Turkmenistan.

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