25.09.19 09:22

Turkmenistan adopts National Climate Change Strategy

Turkmenistan has adopted the National Climate Change Strategy (NCCS) as the main national document guiding the climate change related activities.

The document is grounded in the national vision of issues related to climate change and provides the foundation for development and implementation of the state policy of Turkmenistan on climate change and its impacts. The global climate change mainstreaming has led to taking urgent actions. The Government of Turkmenistan has developed an action plan based on the Sustainable Development Goals, including Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts and the need for timely fulfillment of obligations under the Paris Agreement.

In the international arena, NCCS is the main instrument reflecting the negotiating position of Turkmenistan and the key document for preparation of reports on the implementation of its obligations under the global climate agreements.

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