24.10.18 10:32

Days of Culture of Turkmenistan in Russian Federation come to a close

A large group of Turkmen artists consisting of musicians, singers and dancers concluded its tour of the two Russian capital cities by giving a gala concert at the Komissarzhevskaya Academic Drama Theater in St. Petersburg as part of Days of Culture of Turkmenistan in the Russian Federation.

The gala concert in St. Petersburg brought together representatives of the cultural community, a large national diaspora of the city on the Neva River and the Turkmen artists. The crowded hall greeted with a burst of applause every number of the colorful concert program. The audience particularly loved compositions “Maiden Songs”, “Turkmen Wedding”, “Kushtdepdi” performed by the folklore ensemble “Miras.”

Hospitable hosts entertained their guests with excursions to the cultural attractions of St. Petersburg. The cultural action became another memorable event of the humanitarian cooperation between Turkmenistan and Russia.

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