14.09.18 10:17

Participants of “Amul-Hazar-2018” rally arrive at “Altyn Asyr” lake in Karakum desert

The participants of “Amul-Hazar-2018” rally have arrived at the pit stop near “Altyn Asyr” lake in the very center of the Karakum desert, having completed the third 236-km long stage of the race.

In the sports utility vehicle (SUVs) class, the Spanish crew of Nani Roma and Alex Haro were traditionally the first to cross a finishing line. They are leading both in the intermediate and general standings, increasing their break away from rivals in each stretch of the race.

In the truck class, KAMAZ pilot Ayrat Mardeyev won the third stage of the race and became the leader in the overall standings, followed by the Belarusian MAZ crew of Sergey Vyazovich. The crew of Dmitry Sotnikov, another representative of KAMAZ-Master team, holds the third place.

From the pit stop at the lake in the Karakum the participants of “Amul-Hazar-2018” rally will set off for the fourth 244-km long stage of the race, ending at the pit stop “Sport Meydançasy" (Sport Site). It will be the last pit stop before the finish at the National Tourist Zone "Avaza".


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