13.09.18 10:29

“Amul-Hazar-2018” rally continues in Karakum desert

The rough terrain of the Karakum desert has knocked a number of racers out of “Amul-Hazar-2018” rally. Thus about twenty crews dropped out of the motor race by the end of the first stage of the competition. 55 racing cars arrived at the start of the second stage, stretching for 228 kilometers, from the pit stop “Mary” located near the administrative and territorial boundary of Lebap and Mary provinces. In the evening of the same day, the racers reached the second pit stop “Garagum Ýalkymy” (Radiance of the Karakum) located in Akhal province.

According to the racers, the first part of the road was not easy. The second part proved less complex, as pilots got used to the sands of the Karakum desert and reached the pit stop “Radiance of the Karakum” without too much difficulties. In the overall standings, the Spanish crew of Nani Roma and Alex Haro continues to hold leadership. Having outrun the Spaniards at the finish, the British pilot Harry Hunt and his navigator Wouter Rosgaar won the second stage of the rally. This success helped the British crew to advance to the second place in the overall standings, pushing the Turkmen duo of Khodzhaguly Annamammedov and Gaigysyz Akmyradov to the third place. Only a few minutes separate the leaders of the race in the overall standings.

As regards trucks, two Russian KAMAZ crews piloted by Ayrat Mardeyev and Dmitry Sotnikov were the first to cross the finishing line of the first stage. They are followed by the Belarusian MAZ crew piloted by Sergei Vyazovich.

In the truck class, the Turkmen-Belorussian MAZ crew consisting of Alexander Vasilevsky, Dmitry Vikhrenko and Begnazar Nuryagdyev is among the top ten fastest cars. They managed to improve their standing by 5 points in the second section of the Amul-Hazar route.

At the pit stop, the rally racers enjoyed generous food and a cultural program. They also had an opportunity to get acquainted with one of the most popular sights of our country. The rally organizer, Jean-Louis Schlesser, was congratulated on his birthday anniversary. The legendary racer celebrated his 70th birthday on the Turkmen land.

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