06.08.18 10:19

Media forum in Ashgabat focuses on “Amul-Hazar 2018” rally

Issues related to International Rally “Amul-Hazar 2018” were discussed at a media forum in Ashgabat. The event brought together the organizers and participants of the rally, scheduled for September this year, as well as representatives of foreign and Turkmenistan’s mass media.

According to Director of the International Rally Raid “Africa Eco Race” Jean-Louis Schlesser, who is one of “Amul-Hazar 2018” rally organizers, a large number of racing drivers expressed their desire to participate in the rally in Turkmenistan. As the famous French sportsman noted, about 80 racing drivers have already been registered, and registration of new participants of “Amul-Hazar 2018" rally is still ongoing.

Jean-Louis Schlesser explained that the crew pilots and navigators should expect many surprises along the rally route. He stressed that Karakum Desert is the heart of the route and it is not as homogeneous as Sahara Desert in Africa, since it is a “living” ecosystem that has not been affected by the man's impact.

“I am confident that International Rally “Amul-Hazar 2018” will be a great success, and the rally participants will be happy to return to this beautiful country more than once,” Jean-Louis Schlesser stressed.

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