18.04.18 09:13

People's Artist of Turkmenistan Durdy Bayramov commemorated with exhibition of his works

An exhibition commemorating the 80th anniversary of birth of People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Durdy Bayramov was held in Ashgabat.

Relatives and friends, colleagues and students of the Academy of Arts, general public and representatives of the mass media gathered at the Museum of Fine Arts on this occasion. The exhibition of the artist’s graphic and pictorial works occupies several halls at the museum. All works, including 115 paintings and 145 graphic works, were donated by the author to the museum in his time.

According to those people who knew Durdy Bayramov, the artist’s studio was home to his many friends, acquaintances, artists, writers and musicians who used to pose for him. He was a master of the psychological portrait. His style organically combined the traditions of the Turkmen school of painting, classical realism and impressionistic innovations.

The commemorative exhibition of works by People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Durdy Bayramov featured portraits of famous people, such as People's Artist of Turkmenistan Baba Annanov, conductor Khydyr Allanurov, People's Artist of Turkmenistan and Film Director Alty Karliyev, people’s bakhshi Sakhi Dzhepbarov, artist Stanislav Babikov and many others.

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