25.03.18 21:19

Turkmen diaspora takes active part in Nowruz celebration in Moscow

The seventy-fifth pavilion of Moscow’s Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNH) was the central venue of celebration of the International Day of Nowruz. All day long, national expositions demonstrated handicrafts, samples of national costumes, tools and jewellery. At the same time, the main treat of the day was given a special place. The outdoor festival “Cult of Pilaf” saw the cooks treating the guests of the festival to about one ton of delicious pilaf.

The guests of the festival were exposed to different household items and national cultures at VDNH’s largest exhibition pavilion. The Turkmen diaspora of the Russian capital took active part in the spring holiday, with the organizational support of the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Russia. Turkmenistan’s pavilion was quite distinctive in the multi-colored kaleidoscope of national colors. It provided a complete picture of national crafts and traditional styles in national clothes, offering every visitor a wide selection of souvenirs in memory of Turkmenistan.

Moscow has been for many years the largest platform for Nowruz celebration. The spring holiday has long stepped over the borders of national entities and turned into the largest international festival that celebrates the arrival of spring and renewal in nature. More than 300 million people around the world celebrate Nowruz. The UN General Assembly declared it an international day, and UNESCO included this spring celebration in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.



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