12.12.17 11:37

International conference in Ashgabat marks 22nd anniversary Turkmenistan’s neutrality

The Institute of International Relations under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan hosted an international conference titled “The Policy of Neutrality and Preventive Diplomacy in International Relations: Turkmenistan’s Experience and its Importance.”

The forum in honor of the 22nd anniversary of Turkmenistan's neutrality saw the participation of foreign ministers from a number of countries, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Ashgabat, faculty staff and students of the Institute of International Relations, as well as mass media representatives.

The conference provided a comprehensive assessment of Turkmenistan's peacemaking foreign policy. In particular, it was noted at the forum that the recognition of Turkmenistan’s neutral status by 185 UN member states was evidence of the stabilizing role of the Turkmen state in international affairs and the beginning of the new phase in the foreign policy dimension marked by Turkmenistan's active support to the strengthening of peace and security.

Speakers also stressed that Turkmenistan's permanent neutrality status is especially relevant nowadays, given the importance of the international community’s collective and constructive approach towards countering international terrorism and extremism. 

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